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I have the 2nd Apple TV. iTunes won't let me buy any HD movies citing HDCP comptability issues. But I have no intention in watching the movies on my computer, I want to buy them to watch them on my Apple TV. Is there no way for me to buy HD movies to simply watch on my Apple TV?
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    you cannot buy anything on the new appletv, you can only rent.
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    Are you sure that your brand and model supports HDCP? Are you connecting via HDMI to the TV, or are you using DVI at the TV?

    If you are not sure about your TV, put the brand and model into a Google search to confirm.

    If you do have an HDCP compliant TV and you are connecting through HDMI directly to an HDMI port on your TV, you may need a new cable. Monoprice. com has great deals on high quality 24AWG cables. Do you have multiple HDMI inputs on the TV, try all of them. Also, make sure you have the latest software updates as Apple recently released a new fix.

    Please post your TV info. and see if anyone else has your model number. It may help to better diagnose your specific problem.

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    I'm aware of that, I'm talking about buying the HD movie on my iTunes on my computer, then playing it on the Apple TV via Air Play.
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    My TV brand is Vizio VW42L and it is HDCP complaint. The HDMI cable I brought directly from the iTunes store so I would assume that is fine.
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    If you have a Netflix account, have you tried to watch anything in HD by streaming it to the ATV2.

    I am assuming that your non-HD movies in your iTunes library play fine.
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    I do have a netflix account and the HD movies play fine. I do have SD movies from iTunes and they play fine. But iTunes (v 10.1) won't even let me buy the movie to test it out on my apple TV.
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    Hopefully, someone on this site has a similar TV and can help you out to better diagnose the problem. I have an old Sony KV36XBR800 and was able to make mine work with an HDMI switch from Monoprice. I took a shot because I really doubt that Apple is going to provide a fix for such an old TV with a DVI input. After I installed the switch between the ATV2 and my TV, I now have 720P back and no HDCP issues. I am not saying that an HDMI switch will fix your issue, it did fix mine though.
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    That is an odd problem as everything else works except for HD movies bought on iTunes. I would try Apple Support on this one.
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    I have the same problem. iTunes will not allow me to rent HD movies because my older PC is not HDCP compliant. However, there was no problem until today, and no hardware changes. I have a 2nd gen Apple TV and I have a Sony Bravia TV. The Apple TV will be a bit of a waste of money if I cannot rent HD movies.
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    Apparently a lot of people have reading comprehension issues.  I have the same problem as op except I use first generation appleTV.  So for you slow people let me spell it out.


    If you are trying to purchase movies on iTunes (this is the important part so pay attention) running on a computer that does not support HD you are NOT able to purchase HD movies.  The message that pops up says you cannot purchase HD movies on a computer that does not support HD. 


    The question the OP was asking and I have this question also is why does it matter if the computer I am buying the movie on supports HD when the intent is not to play the movie on the computer in the first place.  AppleTV does support HD and streams from itunes on the computer.

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    I want to buy HD as well, I'm in Canada and most the movies I want to buy are only available for SD. My thought is I want to support the studio and actors that make the movies but if they won't let me buy the HD version then I'm simply going to get the HD version for a torrent site. Simple as that.

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    It doesn't matter what the intent is, you are downloading it on the computer and then streaming it. You need to go through ATV (or iPad) if that's what it says. Unfortunately it's a licensing issue