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I have a dell laptop that I originally set up Itunes on and it is where I sync my itunes and apps to my Iphone. I now have a Dell Desktop PC and want I cannot access or sync to my iphone like I can with my laptop for some reason. I want to make my Desktop PC the primary administrator or "main" Itunes account admin and give my laptop to my daughter. Is there a way to do this? I can access all my info currently on my laptop, but it is confusing on the desktop because not all my music is there and it wont sync with my Iphone. Also, I purchased music on the DT yesterday, opened my laptop this morning and none of the music is in my library. Ugh.
Please help

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    Hi, welcome to Apple Discussions.

    Each library is a separate entity. Just because you've authorised two or more computers to your account doesn't mean that each automatically gets a copy of your purchases, let alone music that you have ripped.

    Connect your desktop and laptop computers via your network and make the iTunes folder on the laptop visible from the desktop.

    Rename the iTunes folder on your desktop as *iTunes (Old)* and then copy the entire iTunes folder from the laptop to the desktop. Start iTunes and check that your media plays. This is the same library your iPhone synced with previously, just restored to a different computer, so you can update your iPhone with it.

    Look inside the *iTunes (Old)\iTunes Media\Music* folder for the album you downloaded yesterday and drag this folder into the *iTunes\iTunes Media\Automatically add to iTunes*. This will add your new purchase into the library. You can also locate the album in iTunes and drag it onto your Purchases playlist.