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  • Timothy Aaron Level 1 (15 points)
    This is what worked for me: I did the above: went to featured, then to the bottom of the page. I went to create new account, then tried to sign in: Apple noticed I already had an acct with that email and asked if I wanted to sign in with the existing. It then let me choose the user id/email & password. The apps updated fine even though they were bought with the old id, though I had to enter the security code from my CC. Good Luck
  • Sizarro Level 1 (0 points)
    Apple makes it easy; that's why we all bought their products, right:/

    Apple is not paying attention to the frustration we are all experiencing. I've hunted this one down for over a week and I think I get what's going on. I'll describe my case and you may be able to figure out what to do in yours.

    1. When I first bought my iPad, I apparently used my wife's Apple ID which had her credit card tied to it. I installed several apps while using her Apple ID.

    2. Somewhere soon after, I created and began using my own Apple ID. App Store updates worked fine; until that is...

    3. My wife switched credit cards and her Apple ID no longer has a valid payment option associated with it (there's a reason Apple's stock is nearing $400/share).

    4. That's when I noticed some of my updates not working (none worked if I selected Update All).

    5. This means some apps are associated with my wife's Apple ID and some associated with my Apple ID; this is regardless of what Apple ID I log into the iPad's App Store (under the Featured tab) or what account I've sync'd using iTunes. This is also regardless of the lame iTunes notification that says it is transferring items purchased using a different account to My Library. Apple needs to pay attention.

    Ok, so what's the solution that worked for me.

    1. Be sure you have a valid working Apple ID that is associated with a valid payment option. Log into this account on the iPad's App Store (bottom of Featured tab; sign out and sign into this account).

    2. I deleted all of the apps associated with my wife's Apple ID. This is determined by trying to update the apps individually. If it prompted me for her account, I deleted the app.

    3. Reinstall each of the deleted apps in #2 using my Apple ID account.

    Problem solved.

    Apple needs to understand the competition is getting fierce and if they continue with the frustration tactics, consumers will begin to look over the fence. Come on Apple, get with it.
  • caspar35 Level 1 (25 points)
    You seem to be seriously upset at the outrageous demand by Apple that you only update apps with a valid ID. That seems to be a protection of a customer - and perhaps a little cumbersome- rather than a shocking violation of your human rights and a sign Apple is a wicked, outdated badboy.
  • Glorfindeal Level 6 (9,330 points)
    Deleted by me.

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  • tasa Level 1 (50 points)
    Thanks for the info about updating AppleID! I was just reading this thread and finally figured out why, even though I had updated my ID some time ago I was still getting email at the old address. So just now I went to the link provided here and learned that one must verify the new ID, which I just did. Again, Thanks. I learn so much just by browsing these forums.

    Now, can anyone tell me how to change the owner's name on a device? I passed my old ipod to one of my kids and he wants to have it registered in his name since it's still under Applecare and we both want him to be able to handle servicing himself.
  • Christoph Kesselmeier Level 1 (5 points)

    After a felt decade I had to change my Apple-ID for the free find my iPhone service, because it did not contain any email address.

    I changed it on

    then I logged into my account using iTunes, clicking on my OLD Apple-ID in the upper right in the store.

    I was asked for my (now renamed) Apple-ID. Logging in worked.

    Then, after sycing my iPad for the next time (taking the regular 5 Minutes) it knew that the Apple-ID it's Apps belonged to, was renamed and everything was file.


    Actually the process was working fine even if it would have been better to mention that I'd have to sync my iPad afterwards.

  • mfquinn66 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks Chris CA.  This solved my problem

  • Mrseid55 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you for this thread!  I was going mad trying to figure out how to change my apple ID in the pop up box and this thread saved my sanity!  I went to bottom of iTunes page and signed out...logged back in with new ID and now all is right with the world again....thanks so much!

  • XeaP Level 1 (0 points)

    i think i have the same problem

    I sync my ipad on my friend computer and i changed the Apple ID to mines in the app store but when i go update it asks for my friends accounts password

    I think he did the same with his old account he had and his trying to update his app with his new one


    Hope this helps


    Someone find a solution please i want to update my apps

  • dgrassi Level 1 (25 points)

    Yes, please a solution to updates not working?  AppleDoesn'tCare?

  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,695 points)

    dgrassi wrote:


    Yes, please a solution to updates not working?


    Log into iTunes with the same account you purchased the apps with.

  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,695 points)

    Sizarro wrote:


    2. I deleted all of the apps associated with my wife's Apple ID. This is determined by trying to update the apps individually. If it prompted me for her account, I deleted the app.

    3. Reinstall each of the deleted apps in #2 using my Apple ID account.

    You mean you repurchased the app under your account.

  • dgrassi Level 1 (25 points)

    I can't Log into iTunes with the same account you purchased the apps because that account no longer exists.  It is impossible to (now) create an Apple ID that is not an email addrress, my previous Apple ID was not an email address.


    Basically at the moment I am screwed by Apple.  I asked them to migrate my Apple ID so it could be used with the new services (iCloud) and insure that all apps were still available.  They instead deleted my old Apple ID, created a new one that is an email address (* and all purchases including in-app are lost.  They say they can not re-create my ole Apple ID because their new security policies require an email address for for all Apple IDs.


    I have a support request in after talking to Apple support for just over one hour this morning.


    Note: Apple changed the Apple ID, not me.

  • just-is Level 1 (0 points)

    Seems like the issue is basically for security reasons "updates can only be applied to original apple id and password".


    However, in my case.  I signed in w/an AOL email for my Apple ID.  For security purposes I changed my AOL email password.  When trying to purchase anything with ITUNES, I wasn't able to because my AOL account is linked to my Apple ID account.  So, I changed my Apple ID password  to match my AOL. 


    Problem solved . . . .


    However . . . any app I purchased using my OLD Apple ID password, will NOT update.  If I type in my OLD password, pop up screen reads "An Apple ID for **** has already been created. Cancel or Retry"


    Also, my credit information has changed.  MEANING, cc payment for the APPS using my original Apple ID, password, NO longer exists . . . cc has been torn up, trashed, deactivated.  And NO I dont remember the number or the expiration date or the 3 digit code on the back.  So for APPLE's security purposes, even if I'm able to get in my OLD account I wouldn't have that info to verify I am the ORIGINAL owner of the apps.


    I too contacted Apple.


    They advised me to change my Apple ID and password to fix problem.  I asked if they could merge all of my old purchases under my new Apple ID and password.  They said yes.  2 to 3 hrs later.  Was unsuccessful.  Their solution.  Well we all know that just by reading this thread.  Input out accounts password, create a new apple id, remember old cc info . . . OR my favorite, delete all apps under OLD Apple ID and password and reinstall under new Apple ID and password.




    What APPLE is failing to REALIZE or ACKNOWLEDGE and FIX is . . .


    1. When you CHANGE your Apple ID and password, this is what creates this problem

    2.  If you CHANGE your AOL Password that is linked to your APPLE ID, this is what creates the problem

    3.  If you CHANGE your CC information, this is what creates the problem


    AND I be damned if I DELETE any apps I PURCHASED just so I can PURCHASE them AGAIN!


    So at the end of the day, the question is NOT how do I update apps purchased under an OLD Apple ID and password. 


    The question is  . . . Why does Apple PROVIDE/ADVISE you with the option TO CREATE A NEW APPLE ID and PASSWORD . . . and FAILS to update all your purchases AFFLIATED with your OLD APPLE ID and PASSWORD with your NEW APPLE ID and PASSWORD?


    I mean think about it.  If I lost my creditcard.  I would contact the bank and they will cancel the LOST creditcard and issue me a NEW creditcard with a new acct # and pin.  When I  activate it, I generate a new pin.  Any previous purchases, credits, etc., that was affliated with my LOST credit card, is merged over to MY new creditcard, NOT requiring me to remember ANY old acct password information etc.


    Isn't this pretty much the same concept?


    Apple can we PLEASE come up with a more Logical solution than the run around.

  • just-is Level 1 (0 points)

    ALSO . . . if I have over 30+ apps, you really want me to sit there and "GET INFO" for all the apps so that I know which apps were purchased under the OLD Apple ID and Password . . . what good does that do, when the OLD Apple ID and Password NO longer WORKS, bc when you CHANGE them, they become deactivated!!!!!!

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