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I have performed an IOS update on my wife’s IPhone from IOS 3 to IOS 4.2.1.
She has not been very good at taking backups of her IPhone data and apps.
After updating to IOS4.2.1, all data and apps are missing, and I do not have an official backup to restore them from!

There are a lot of precious contacts, notes, SMS and Apps, that only was available on the IPhone, they now seem to be lost!

As an initializing thing when updating to IOS 4.2.1 I recall that one of the six tasks was a backup of the IPhone. Is there any chance of rebuilding/regenerate SMS, Contact, Notes and Apps from just before the update to IOS 4.2.1?

I have located that initializing backup to the following path:
C:\Users\ITC\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\Mobile Backups\88917LXKY7K
In that main folder, I have located the following folders:
Applications, Media, Structured
And the following files:
Manifest.plist, RestoreState.plist

Please tell me how to rebuild my wife’s IPhone.
(A husband in distress)

IPhone 3G, iOS 4