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I am having all sorts of trouble moving documents back and forth between word and pages. Basic things work fine but these things seem to constantly cause problems:
- Headers and footer formatting changes significantly. When I convert to word, the headers and footers have extra lines in them and my text wraps onto another line. Also the left margin moves over by 1/2".
- Tables get completely messed up, especially if I have merged cells (they get unmerged and then the text goes straight down the page, 1 letter per row)
- Bullet points seem to appear, disappear or even change
- Table of contents simply dont translate or get completely changed

Having to reformat things takes a huge amount of time

Does anyone have a solution to these issues?

I am using Pages 09 4.04 and it happens on any word version even the most recent for mac or pc


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.5)