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On my iPhone, how do I get the Notes from my "On My iPhone" Account to my MobileMe account? There's no way to move them. These "On My iPhone" Notes won't sync to my Mac Mail on my MacbookPro either. All I want to do is simply move all my "On My iPhone" Notes on my iPhone to the MobileMe account. I thought I could do it in Mac Mail but I can't even get those Notes to appear in Mac Mail.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.5), iPhone 4 - 4.2.1
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    If you get an answer that applies to transferring photos from the iPhone to my MacBook, please
    forward it to me.

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    This is not elegant but here goes.
    I assume under Settings, Email, the mobileme account has notes syncing set. Under Settings, Notes, that the default account is set to your MobileMe account. It probably already is. If you create a new note and it is going into your mobileme account, you're setup is good. Go to Notes app, view a note you need to move, press and hold to get the select/select all balloon up, select copy. press the notes button and the accounts button to switch over to the mobileme account in notes. press + to create a new note and press screen to get the paste option up. paste the text into your new note. Now do it for every other note on my iPhone notes area and then delete the original notes.
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    Will something similar work for Photos?
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    This is what I've done (the non-elegant solution), but I'd like that more elegant solution we're all looking for.

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    I have notes saved in multiple accounts and none on my new mobileme account. Literally have over a 100 notes so the copy and paste method isn't going to happen for me. There has to be a more "elegant" way, right?
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    It sure would be nice to have a better solution?

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    sorry guys but there is no elegant way at all. i've tried looking for a solution months ago when i first got the iphone and there is no solution to get notes from iphone onto a mobileme account. hopefully this may be a new feature with iOS 5.

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    I found the solution. Hopefully this works for everyone else other than myself.

    1- On Mac - In Mail - Go to preferences->General Tab->Click on MobileMe icon towards the bottom->Click on Sync tab and tick Notes in the list. Close and save


    2- on iphone - go to settings ->mail, contacts, calendars->select your mobileMe account->Turn Notes syncing to ON. get out of settings


    3 - on iphone - go to Notes app. There now should be an Accounts tab at the top left. Click on Accounts and only select the MobileMe account.


    Now all future notes created in Notes from your iphone will show up in Mail under Notes in your Mac.


    Note: If you currently have notes in your iphone then do this to transfer onto MobileMe

    A- Connect your iphone to your Mac to sync with iTunes. After syncing is completely highlight your iphone in iTunes and go to Info tab. Towards the bottom under the heading Other tick Sync Notes. Click on apply to sync your iphone to your mac again.


    B- After the sync is complete you should now see all your notes from your iPhone in Mail under Notes On My Mac. Highlight all these notes and drag them into MobileMe notes icon.


    That's it. All your notes now should be in sync with everything else in MobileMe. I hope this helps.

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    Thanks klau. I was searching for the answer too.

    The first part did not answer my question but the second part seemed to, although i was hesitant, as there were not comments/likes to that last reply

    I followed 'if notes in your iphone, then do this to transfer onto MobileMe...' instructions.
    It didn't seem to work ..hense maybe no one previously replying, as i thought they may have done, to solve such an irritating notes problem.



    AFTER following A & B


    ...AND TA DAAAA!





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    I'm glad it worked for you. I understand what you mean by your first comment. If only the person who made a post could put a comment to let others know if it worked or not would save us time from looking through the countless threads to find an answer.

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    if you have taken the photos on your i fone, when you connect you ifone to your computer you should get an pop up window where you should be able to open and view photos and copy them to your computer

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    Kevin: we have been talking about notes (not photos) on a mobile me account on the iphone