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I'm getting the maddening error code 4300. Thank you!

Microsoft Windows Vista Business Edition Service Pack 2 (Build 6002)
Dell Inc. Vostro 420 Series
QuickTime 7.6.8
FairPlay 1.10.14
Apple Application Support 1.4.1
iPod Updater Library 10.0d2
CD Driver
CD Driver DLL
Apple Mobile Device
Apple Mobile Device Driver
Bonjour (214.3)
Gracenote SDK
Gracenote MusicID
Gracenote Submit
Gracenote DSP

iTunes Serial Number 578C25**A76A8B

Current user is an administrator.
The current local date and time is 2010-12-24 07:31:46.
iTunes is not running in safe mode.
WebKit accelerated compositing is enabled.
HDCP is not supported.
Core Media is supported.

Video Display Information

ATI Technologies Inc., ATI Radeon HD 3400 Series

** External Plug-ins Information **

No external plug-ins installed.

iPodService is currently running.
iTunesHelper is currently running.
Apple Mobile Device service is currently running.

** CD/DVD Drive Tests **

No drivers in LowerFilters.
UpperFilters: GEARAspiWDM (,

Audio CD in drive.
Found 20 songs on CD, playing time 59:48 on Audio CD.
Track 1, start time 00:02:00
Track 2, start time 02:12:45
Track 3, start time 05:07:35
Track 4, start time 07:05:37
Track 5, start time 09:36:45
Track 6, start time 12:28:10
Track 7, start time 15:24:70
Track 8, start time 18:25:72
Track 9, start time 22:09:15
Track 10, start time 25:06:00
Track 11, start time 27:42:00
Track 12, start time 30:31:70
Track 13, start time 34:33:10
Track 14, start time 37:26:15
Track 15, start time 40:42:25
Track 16, start time 43:35:52
Track 17, start time 46:54:42
Track 18, start time 50:08:17
Track 19, start time 54:34:57
Track 20, start time 57:06:35
Audio CD reading succeeded.
Get drive speed succeeded.
The drive CDR speeds are: 8 16 24 32 40 48.
The drive CDRW speeds are: 8.
The drive DVDR speeds are: 8.
The drive DVDRW speeds are: 8.

The last failed data CD or DVD burn had error code 4300(0x000010cc). It happened on drive D: PLDS DVDRWBD DH-6E2S on CDR media at speed 16X.

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Dell Vostro 420, Windows Vista
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    I think there's a newer version of the Dell-supplied firmware available for your DH-6E2S, joey. (You've got a Rev AD13, they're showing a Rev 7D12, A04.)

    But although a firmware update on an optical drive is usually enough to get people past a burning error 2131, with the other codes it can help raise the likelihood of a good result to update related drivers, firmware and whatnot (like BIOS for example). I had a look at your downloads page at Dell for the Vostro 420, and there's an unusually-large number of potentially relevant updates there. (BIOS, chipset drivers, video drivers, hard-drive firmware, raid controller application, raid controller drivers, etc.) So I think the most straightforward thing to do would be to update everything Dell-supplied you're currently behind on.

    Head to the following page at Dell and enter your service tag. That should take you to a page just showing the latest versions of drivers and other downloads available for your Vostro:


    ... stock up on everything applicable to your configuration of Vostro 420 that you're behind on.

    After updating, are you able to burn without the 4300?