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My ipod is frozen on. It won't do anything. I try to push the rotary button but nothing happens...Try sticking it back on the dock and it just stays ON...The screen is frozen with one of the menus showing....Just frozen. There is no way to restart or shut it down. Is there some way to reset this thing? Everything I try returns negative results...nothing...just frozen. What can I do? It did not get wet, I did not drop it, nothing out of the ordinary. Just froze up on me for some reason. Is there hope here?

Thanks in advance!

iMac intel 2 Duo 27", Mac OS X (10.6.3), ipod nano 3rd gen
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    Hello concort5435,

    Try a hard reset of the iPod. To do this, toggle the hold switch on and then off, then press and hold both the Menu and Select (Center) buttons together until the Apple logo appears.

    Apple recommends that you try this procedure at least 3 times before moving onto the next step. I say, try it a few more times than that even. Any luck there?

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    Hello, I'm having the same problem, iPod is frozen. I have tried resetting it several times but it still wont respond or change screens.

    Any other suggestions?

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    I once had the same problem but then I just left it until it drained out of battery and switched off by itself... and then i tried recharging it and it worked.

    hope this helps you...
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    Thank you, thank you - this was excellent advise. Followed directions exactly, and did the proceedure about 5 times, and it's back!
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    Wow. Really worked awesome.!!!!!! Thank you so much...

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    I have the same problem, but mine is worse. My 4th gen touch froze when I was trying to unlock it while it was charging (which I have done numerous times before) so I did a hard reset and it froze on the Apple logo. It has been frozen on it for about 12 hours now. I have tried connecting it to iTunes and it won't pick it up. I have also tried flattening the battery but the problem is it was fully charged when it froze so it won't go flat anytime soon. I need it in a week. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!

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    Ok guys... My 2nd gen iPod Nano was stuck showing the apple logo and here's what i did:


    - First reset it by pressing the menu and the center button.

    - When it blinked at started show the logo again i turned i to disk mode by pressing and holding the play and center button.

    - Now it showed "discmode" and "ok to disconnect" now i connected it to my computer.

    - My itunes did now shut down, and i opened it again and itunes asked if i would sync my ipod and i said no.

    - Then i went to the iPod menu in itunes and from here i chose to restore/reset/recover the iPod.

    - Itunes downloaded new software for the iPod and when i turned i on again it worked as if it was just bought.


    Hope i helped

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    you only need to press and hold the menu and select buttons for a while. but it helped a lot! thanks! I was worried that it would take off all my songs and stuff. i also thought it wouldnt work becauseit was stuck on the screen when it is connected to the computer and says eject before disconecting. Thanks again!

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    Glad to have helped.



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    Just had this problem..


    The hard reset worked.. THANK YOU!!

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    Thanks Planb77!!!! This worked to fix my son's. I really appreciate it!