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I recently purchased a new 27" iMac. I want to be able to keep my photos and music in-sync with both my new iMac and my Macbook. For example, when I am on-the-go, I want to be able to open my Macbook and if I have downloaded a new song back home from my iMac; I want it to be available on my Macbook. I know I can enable Library Sharing via iPhoto or iTunes, but that only works with both computers on and running. I want something like MobileMe, where if one thing changes, it changes it on every device. However, I have gigabytes upon gigabytes of photos and music, therefore MobileMe or DropBox aren't useful to me. Please help me. I have read in some threads about using FireWire and such, but am illiterate when it comes to how to set this up.


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    The only thing that would work for your needs are some type of cloud computing solution like MobileMe or DropBox to be honest, it's really that simple. About the only other thing you could do is have an external HD store your photos and music. However that would be a risky solution due having to take it with you when you take the notebook out not to mention it's lack of convenience. I'm not sure why you are opposed to DropBox perhaps you could elaborate?

    Firewire is simply a method to move data using a physical connection. Think of it as a USB connection on steroids. USB transfers information at burst of up to 400 MPS where Firewire moves at a steady 400 MBS. Your iMac has a Firewire 800 connection which moves information at a steady 800 MBS therefore being orders of magnitude faster than USB and 2x faster than FW.

    I'll be watching this thread to see if anyone else has some additional thoughts.

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    I am not opposed to DropBox or MobileMe, but as I described in the post, I have like 20+GB's of music and photos, which would makes DropBox not useful, since I have to pay for the service to have that many GB's of storage.
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    Anything you use you're going to have to pay for with the amount of data you have. If you get DropBox 50 (50 GB) that's only $100 /yr. or $9.99 per month. Considering what you want to do that's pretty reasonable. About the only thing I think you should do is test it using the free 2 GB of storage as a proof of concept. I think iTunes could use DropBox because it's simply another folder on your computer however then again I've never tried it either which is why I propose testing it.
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    I do exactly the same thing. But it's not as easy as one would think. I like to keep my MacBook exactly like my iMac right down to the desktop.

    Music - If you use iTunes you need to turn on the home share option and let them sync when they see each other. This is automatic and built into iTunes. If you do not use iTunes, then syncing of your music should be no problem with ChronoSync.

    Files other then in Mail - I use ChronoSync. I have it set to sync everything I want to keep on both machines automatically. The moment each computer sees the other they sync. Usually very quickly unless I have change, added, removed a lot of files.

    Mail - You need to use an IMAP system to keep all mail synced as copying the files from computer to another will not put them back into mail. Like iTunes it has it's own database engine that everything has to go through.

    Contacts, Calendar, notes, widgets, dock items, keychains, mail rules, bookmarks, and preferences - If you use MobileMe to sync then do not sync any other way. It will cause havoc... If you do not use MobileMe, then there are settings in ChronoSync to sync those too.
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    Ok, 2 questions:

    1. How do you get iTunes to automatically sync the new songs added on one computer to another? I have Home Sharing turned on, but I must manually go in and select the songs I want to be added.

    2. Could you please give a detailed explanation on how to connect the computers with ChronoSync? I can't for the life of me figure out how to use this software.

    I do use MobileMe for all other things like calendar, contacts, and mail.

    Thank you very much.
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    iTunes - When you go to see the library and choose which movies/songs to sync, there is the settings button at the bottom where you choose what to sync automatically. Remember it will only sync things added after the automatic settings are chosen.

    To sync with Chronosync, I use the ChronoAgent on my lappy and Chronosync on my iMac. Then you launch Chronosync with the lappy running. Create a new profile and once you save it, set a schedule. Again be sure not to sync anything synced another way i.e.: MobileMe