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I was using my brand new ipod then i got up to get something then turn around and the screen was black. it will not turn on, i tried plugging it into the computer...nothing. I've held the home and lock and nothing has happened. ive tried holding the home key while plugged into the computer. My computer doesn't even know its plugged in. Anything else i can try or do? I do have a warranty from Best Buy for it. Should i just go get a new one?

Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    I am having the SAME exact problem. And also when I hit the home button to exit an app it does nothing. Same when I want to unlock my screen, I press the home button and the screen doesn't pop up. This is my third Ipod Touch. But the other two were 2G. So have you found out what happened to yours and what I can do? I am already having Apple call me tomorrow.
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    Same my ipod wont turn on was on it and it just blacked out and wont come back on but havent got a gaurintee or anything like that so what will i do?
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    I brought a refurbished ipod nano 4g last night and the device only can be used when it is plugged to my computer. However, when I ejected it form the computer and unplugged the usb dock, the device will shut down immediately and cannot turn on even with the "holding menu and select button" trick. I'm pretty sure it has been fully charged as indicated by charging icon on the iTunes.
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    I just called Apple and let them send me a new one. I doubt Apple would bother to investigate what is wrong with the defected unit.
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    i am having the exact same problem. iv had my ipod 4g for about 3 months now and this is the first problem iv had with it!! its anoying the heck out of me!! i had it in my pocket the battery was fine just a few hours ago and i took it out to look something up and it dosnt turn on. i thought it might b the battery so i plug it up an hour later still wont turn on. i plug it up to my computer and no responce. this is really ticking me off. im just going to bring it back to best buy and see if they can figure it out. i love the new ipod its amazing but this glitch is really anoying!!
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    This happened to my daughter's ipod today too - fully charged battery but black screen...would not turn on at all. I looked up the user manual online and followed the reset directions - it turned on right away and now seems fine. To reset, toggle the lock button from on to off and back to on. Then press and hold the center and menu buttons at the same time for at least 6 seconds until the apple appears on-screen. This was super simple and worked right away - hope it helps others...
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    My iPod did the same thing. To fix the problem i held the Home and Lock Buttons for about 30 seconds, it could take longer. Your iPod should show the apple symbol and restart (not loosing any data)
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    This happened to my iPod Touch 4g tonight, it just went black and would not turn back on, like it was dead. I did as you suggested and held the Home and Lock Buttons until a little sliver apple appeared in the centre of the screen, it took a min or two before this sliver apple disappeared and i was back into my iPod. No data was lost, everything was same as before it died.
    Is this a common issue with the ipod touch 4g? does this happened offten? is it something i did that caused it? i love my iPod but this was annoying. i have only had it for a couple of weeks, is mine possibly a dud, should i exchange it for another?
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    It's an issue with all 4th generation ipods... My first one did it within a week of me getting it and so i took it back to the store for another one. It has been about 2 months and it did it 15 min ago and then i ran into this site trying to fix the problem, and holding down the lock and home keys simultaneously for a good 10 seconds works perfectly. Don't waste your time getting another unless the problem occurs every week.
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    thank you. your a life saver it was ******* me off big time            it worked after 2 trys.

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    Thank you sooooooo much!!!!! I thought i would have to get a new ipod and get all my apps and songs again. Once again THANK YOU!

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    oh man mine still isnt working. i tried holding the home and power button simultaneously and have come up wit no such luck :C help!!

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    thank you so much bro this really helps

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