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I am fairly new to the Iphone 4 and hope someone would be able to help me. I will be travelling to several countries for a couple of days each, but do not intend on autoroaming or getting a local prepaid SIM card in those respective countries. However, I would still like to be able to use apps (eg.GPS, games) and also listen to music on my Iphone.

From my understanding some phones do not function at all if there is no SIM present. Will my Iphone 4 still work (apart from voice and internet) without a SIM card?

Thank you.
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    Your iPhone will function normally with SIM card inserted or not. My dad have been using his iPhone3Gs without any SIM card for months now. (I'm actually trying to get him to buy iPod Touch 4G and sell that iPhone since he's only using it to play some casual games and surf the web)

  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10
    As already provided, having your SIM card inserted is not required for this but if your iPhone is running iOS4 or later, you can turn Cellular Data off at Settings > General > Network. This will prevent any data or internet access via a cellular network, and Data Roaming is off by default anyway. This will not prevent you from recieving or placing calls and the same for SMS.

    If you don't want to receive or place any calls, the same for SMS, and to ensure no data or internet access via a cellular network when roaming internationally without having to remove and keep the SIM card in a safe place, enable Airplane mode on your iPhone. If you want to access an available wi-fi network you can turn on wi-fi access with Airplane node enabled keeping all other radios off.

    If you need or want to access a GPS app, enabling Airplane mode will not work for this, but keeping Cellular Data turned off will prevent any data or internet access via a cellular network. If you aren't running iOS4.0 or later, turning Cellular Data off alone is not possible.