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So, i've been trying to restore my iPod for a good few hours now. Nothing seems to be working, and i've tried just about all the tips from here: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1275

Is there some other way to fix Unknown Error(6)? Im planning on taking it to the Apple store to see if they can work there restoration magic on it, but id still like to see if i can fix it at home first.


Edit: Im not very good with this stuff, so you guys may already know this, but i can't do anything with my iPod at this point. It just gives me the USB ----> ITunes screen.

If it matters, my iPod froze after i tried to start an app(downloaded from App store. Ipod is not jailbroken). I restored it, no problem. But it was being VERY VERY slow and laggy, and this strange thing happened where it would reboot, show the apple logo, then go dark and show the logo as if it was starting up again, ect. Basicly, this is what happened the second time.

1. Reboot, apple logo showing.
2. Off for a quick second.
3. Reboot, apple logo showing.
4. Off for a quick second.

It just kept happening, and i had to reset it by holding the top and middle button. Now its in restore mode, and when i try to restore it i get Error (6).

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Ipod touch 1st gen, Windows 7