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I synched my iPhoto library to my iPad the other day and all was fine - all Faces showed up on the Faces tab on the iPad in alphabetical order (by first name), same as in iPhoto 11 on my Mac.

Yesterday, I went through and identified about 1,000 more photos in iPhoto 11. Just synced to my iPad and while the deletions and updates happened ... the Faces collections are no longer in order on the iPad!

Instead of alphabetical by first name on the ipad, I have two alphabetical sequences: the iPad view begins with names starting with "Rich" through "Warren" and then has the names "Adrienne" through "Reva".

Seems like some kind of corruption? Anyone else see this? (I searched for "faces" in this forum and didn't find anything.)

I'm thinking that I should temporarily change my iTunes sync settings to NOT sync the iPhoto library to clear off the iPad and then turn sync on again?


8 core 2.8 Mac Pro Early 2008, Mac OS X (10.6.5), iPad 64g wifi/3g IOS 4.2