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This is just to ask fellow users to bring some light in how Genius works, and help the builders/designers to get it better. I often find some strange anamolies in the results, and I just would like to know what could be behind those...

So for starters: The Beatles - Maxwell's Silver Hammer

Not the most populair Beatles song, but still probably on the iPods and iPhones of thousands of users. So how come it won't come up with a possible playlist? Which tags are used? Does it have to do with the fact that songs are only officially available since a month or so? Why doesn't it take songs from the same period or style anyway, using the tags? Why do other Beatles songs come up with results? Why doesn't it take other songs from the same album, as that always should "fit"?

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    Genius Playlist
    Posted: Dec 9, 2010 11:33 AM Reply Email

    I'm curious if anyone knows why Genius playlists can't be generated for some songs that do show related songs in the Ping/Genius sidebar. It just seems like if Genius knows enough about the song to suggest other songs in the sidebar, it would know enough about it to generate a playlist. I'm getting the message "Genius is unavailable...." NOT "Genius does not have enought related songs...."

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    Yeah. I got the message when I tried it on "Imagine" by John Lennon.

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    None of us users knows why Genius doesn't work for a lot of songs.
    Even songs I've downloaded from itunes as a free single of the week won't show up for a few months.
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    But in the end they do show up. That would mean that if enough users have the song on iTunes, iTunes knows enough to make a playlist. Still weird for the Beatles though.
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    Kinda - but the Beatles catalog just got added to the itunes store about a month ago? You're right - it will probably work OK in a few months.
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    But that doesn't explain why I can't make a genius list for Imagine by John Lennon. Did they reset his genius feature when they launched the Beatles?

    I already have a genius list from several months back that I made for Imagine and it won't update anymore. How does this make sense?
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    I know why it doesn't work for me - it's not in the USA store.

    Given that genius seems to just use genre and year anyway, I'm not all torn up about it.