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My son is 9 years old. I got "not old enough" message when creating his account. When I went in to change the year, I still get this message. How do I create his account?

pc, Windows XP
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    I am having the same problem! I have an account and had no problem setting up (obviously being a mom I am much older than 10, but I have tried several times and cannot get this thing registered!) Would love some help to get this done!
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    I also am having this problem. To be a bit more specific: I want him to have his own MobileMe account, in case he loses his ipod, but I want him to have a separate "account" that is tied to mine so I can set up parental controls. It won't let me set up his own AppleID, because he is under-aged. But I want him to be able to check his own email. I want his MobileMe account to sync HIS personal emails, notes, music, etc... NOT the information that is on MY iPhone!

    When I tried to set up his own MobileMe account, it asked for an email address. Am I supposed to give HIS email address or mine? I put his, but I think that may not have been the right thing to do. I noticed that in his email app, he has the option of choosing "All Inboxes" and has access to MY emails!!! I'm sure this is not right.

    As for iTunes, I have figured out that I can set up a separate device on the computer's iTunes program, and then choose which apps and songs get synced to that particular iPod. I may need to do some more research to figure out how to set up parental controls so he can't just download all the apps and music he wants.

    I'm sure we're not the only parents who have purchased an ipod for our younger children. I'm very frustrated that Apple has little to NO helpful information about this. If they do, they have made it nearly impossible to find. There should be a tutorial for how to set up a CHILD'S account that links the child's account TO the parent's account, while keeping the information separated... and gives step-by-step directions for doing this. Does such a tutorial exist? I hope I don't have to make an appointment and drive to the Apple store to figure this out.
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    I have the same problem and would really appreciate hearing if you have found a solution.