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I imported a single CD album into iTunes. For whatever reason it brought the tracks into iTunes as 2 albums, 3 tracks into 1 and remainder into another. I know one possible solution would be to delete the albums and just try fresh from the CD, but just set that aside for right now. Is there are way to merge the 2 albums into 1 album within iTunes?

HP dv8t, Windows 7
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    Highlight all of the songs, then click File>Get Info

    Name the album the same.
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    Hello all,

    There is a simple way to merge albums. Please follow the following steps:

    1. Sort out items by clicking the option "Album by Title".

    2. Select albums which you would like to merge.

    3. Right click on items and click "Get info" for all items you would like to merge.

    4. Click the tab "Options".

    5. Enable "Part of Compilation" to "Yes" and enable "Gapless album" to "Yes" by clicking the boxes.

    There you go, hope this solves your problem.