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    Worked for me too. Great, Thanks

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    Thank!. now it works

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    hey hw t is sorted out.?

    please telll me because even im not having the none option in m itunes so how did you get it..??

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    I encountered a situation very similar to the one you are encountering. I had to set up accounts for 2 individuals at a school where I am an administrator. Each of these were unique in problem, but was resolved with the same process. The individuals were on brand new iPad 3s on the newest iOS. I didn't want to create new accounts using emails other than their official school emails, which created the issue from the beginning.


    Scenario 1: Individual had set up apple id on apple's website after iPad was configured on initial startup without a profile. Every time we tried loggin in with the apple id to make sure it was the one in use on the iPad, it would not give the option for "none" on the payment option. We tried going into the app store both through the app and in the settings menu, and we also tried going through the itunes app with the same results. Just wouldn't work. Why should the user be punished for creating their account after setup as oppsed to before? was my question to apple.


    Scenario 2: Individual had not created an apple account when the iPad was set up, but needed to create one to use in the app store. When going through the standard method to create a new account through the app store, itunes, etc, the option "none" is still not available. This one baffled myself as well as the apple technician the most. Apple normally has their stuff in order, but the programmers need to work on these two scenarios.


    Resolution: After working as a technician for a University with a few years of experience, I couldn't wrap my mind around a solution until myself and a coworker happened to think about trying to login throuh "iCloud" tab in the "settings" menu on the iPad. We first tried logging in with the individual from scenario 1 to see if it would work with an existing apple id created on apple's website. To our surprise it worked, allowing us to select "none" as a payment option after logging into the appstore with the same id for the first time! We then were hopeful that it may solve the second scenario. We went to create new id under the iCloud login on the second individual's iPad, and created it successfully and was able to choose "none" as the payment option. Apple themselves did not even know how to do this other than suggesting to create new accounts, but I did not see adding a gift card or credit card (personal information) or using a new email (why should I have to?) to solve the problem.


    Bottom Line: Hopefully, this helps those that are encountering the same issue, not wanting to create new accounts/give away private information. Please apple, fix this problem in future updates.

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    How did you get it sorted ? Please say that.

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    yes me too..i cant use my apple id.because it requires credit card.i cant download any free items in

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    meh, itunes is terrible now, i gave up after 2 weeks on my exsisting account for itunes, that tells me i need a CC to "review" it with no NONE option


    was fun

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    I don't have an iClound, i use a iTouch 2nd gen... Help!!!

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    Hi, I had this problem, too.

    But I found a way to solve it (in my case) was choose United state at the beginning and then the "none" appeared

    Hope that helps

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    I Just want to download a game from the app store without having to put in a credit card as i am only 13! I have a bought a gift voucher but once i have put in the code it again asks me for my credit card details! Can anyone help?

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    This message is for the administrator of this forum.


    First of all I'm a technicien certified from your industry ( Apple )  so i know precisely how system work ( or at least in this case should work ).


    Second Sorry for my bad english... I'm a french canadien ( Frog ) and PROUD to be it.... But i know that people like most to have a reply from somebody who try to help them with bad syntax or something eals... Not responding is an insult to all our comunity cause the way of apple is to make it as simple as it could be and by bypassing this your do it the wrong way... Solution... Just make some one QUALIFIED to reply adequately please!


    Third i know that our familly have grown verry fast on the last 3 year... This is not a reason to give bad support and act badly like our competitor! We have to stay FIRST EVERY WHERE... This is not ebough to do the WOW only when you open a box... All the thing that go pass this point should be a pice of cake... Don't expected to make me become crazy like the Postal piece of cake like i seams to see it right now... I want to taste it and smell it.


    The last point!


    Our goal is to resolve problem not to ignore it and people who have problem....




    Why there's no Paypal option... Welcome in 2012 on a mac product.... Just be aware of the technology your are pushing...


    For all other that can't give answer or make this go forward.. Please go past your away.



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    Capture.PNGtoo hard tsk tsk -_____-

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    jonathan_g_g wrote:




    This message is for the administrator of this forum.


    Solution... Just make some one QUALIFIED to reply adequately please!


    This is a user-to-user forum.

    The admins are here simply to monitor/clean it up. They do not post and Apple techs do not post here.


    Help here ->


    Suggestions here ->

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