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We gave my mother an iPad for Christmas. One of the things I know she wants to do with it is share her photos with people. The problem is, she's on Windows so no iPhoto to give her a means to organize all those pictures.

Because of this, they are in countless folders and sub-folders. iTunes doesn't seem to offer a very good means as selectively syncing those photos where I imagine it's support for an app like iPhoto is much better for obvious reasons.

I guess what I'm wondering is whether or not there is an app for Windows that would serve the same basic function as iPhoto and be compatible with an iPad? Now, that may mean it's something iTunes can work with directly the way it would iPhoto or it might mean there's a corresponding app on the iPad that the program syncs photos to.

I'm open to ideas here. The only thing I doubt she'd want to do is upload all her photos to the internet. For one, there are a great many of them and two she always has concerns about privacy.

Any recommendations you all can make, whether it's apps to try or just simply methods for making this whole system work better, please share them.

Two things I would add is she's using XP and she does have the iPad Camera Kit.

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