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I have an iPad 32GB that I want to return to factory defaults and then sell. But before I sell it I want to give my wife all of the apps that I purchased. Is there a way to transfer my apps to her iPad 16GB so that she is now the owner? I realize if I were upgrading to a new iPad model that I could just sync my apps to iTunes and then connect my new iPad and log in with my account and sync right up. But I need to move the ownership of the apps to my wife's account. Any help?

Thank you!

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  • David White Level 4 (1,095 points)
    The apps that you bought are linked to your iTunes account. You should login to your iTunes account on your wife's computer and authorise it (as one of the five that can be linked to your account.). Then download the applications again. When you go to "buy" it will tell you that you have already bought the app and download it at no extra charge. Then all you have to do is sync the new apps to your wife's iPad.
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    Is it possible to transfer apps to another account? I want to sell my iPad and I'd like to sell the iPad apps, too., since I won't need them anymore.
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    If not specifically addressed in the iTunes T&C, this is a question that you'll have to address to Apple and iTunes. I'd expect it not to be allowed, but you just never know ...