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I have an iPhone 4. I admit, I've been lazy and not imported my photos from the iPhone into iPhoto for quite a while. I have 2,300+ photos in my iPhone's camera roll. When I try to import them into iPhoto it gets more than halfway finished and then just hangs on one picture and doesn't seem to want to finish the import. Is it because there are too many photos? What can I do to get the pics off my iPhone and into iPhoto? Is it just hanging and if I leave it go for a long time it'll finally finish or is it just too many pics for iPhoto to handle at one time? What can I do? I need to get the pics off my iPhone because I'm running out of memory.

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    Okay, I think I found my problem. It wouldn't import into iPhoto some screen caps I took with the iPhone, for whatever reason. I used Kodak Easyshare software to import my photos and it imported all of them except the screen caps. I guess the iPhone saves them as different file types? Does anyone know why or how to stop it from not including them in imports?