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haymaker44 Level 1 Level 1
I apologise if this topic has already been dealt with but I cannot find an answer on this discussion board or the rest of the web.

All I get is "safari can't find the facebook server"

Every other website under the sun works on Safari except facebook. I've reset the cache and done everything else that has been suggested but nothing works. Why just facebook? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
  • Carolyn Samit Level 10 Level 10
    Hi and welcome....

    From your Safari menu bar click Safari / Preferences. Then select the Security tab. Click: Show Cookies

    Remove all Facebook cookies.

    Quit Safari (Command + Q) then relaunch Safari and try Facebook.

    If by chance you are logged into Facebook on a cell phone or an iPad, try logging out there first, then try logging in on your Mac.

  • justintbrown Level 1 Level 1
    I'm having the same issue but none of your tips seemed to make a difference, Carolyn. I also reset the modem and the router. The strangest thing is that I CAN access Facebook on my desktop Mac (which uses the same wireless router).
  • artminds Level 1 Level 1
    Similar problem, but the delay seems to be cause by any attempt to reach Facebook, even Facebook pages on another web page you are visiting, creates a pop-up redirect to, and then multiple pop-up windows for, asking you to choose your locale from a drop down list. This LivingSocial seems to be similar to, offering local deals.

    The same result occurs in Firefox in regards to Facebook, with the redirect to If you have your settings blocking pop-ups, in either Safari or Firefox, the pop-ups do not occur, but it just seems like the page isn't loading because the redirect doesn't happen.

    There are many listings in Google Search related to this problem going back to 2008, but no one seems to have a solution. There are occasional references to a Trojan virus that does this, as well as some routers that create the redirect, in hotel wi-fi situations. I'm experiencing this problem while visiting my father at a hospital, using the hospital wi-fi, and did see it happen once at the hotel I'm staying at.
  • Bobby & Carie Level 1 Level 1
    Same results here. Cleared Facebook cookies. No connection. It's the same with my MBP & Mac Pro. My phone's FB app appears to pull the mobile site. Curious if it's an actual Facebook Server Down issue.
  • andyBall_uk Level 7 Level 7
    use or similar sites

    also check w/o using dns by entering the ip directly - should work

    redirects to other sites are most often rogue dns, either in your computer at System Preferences-Network-Advanced; in the router/modem setup; or sometimes at the isp.

    Using google's dns or open dns is easy...
  • Bobby & Carie Level 1 Level 1
    it gets more interesting. Facebook is saying Safari isn't accepting Cookies, even when I go into security settings and allow all. It's sounding more like Facebook isn't playing nicely with Safari.
  • Bobby & Carie Level 1 Level 1
    Found this on Yahoo Answers:

    "it's a DNS problem, most likely on facebook's end.

    if you ping you will get replies, and if you type the IP address into your browser that the ping responses give you, facebook's home page comes up.

    however, you can't log in that way because the login sequence tries to set a cookie for; since cookies must match the domain they come from, the cookie doesn't get read and you can't log in (the login script can't complete)."

    Seems like quite a few folks are experiencing this... tossed back at Facebook for a cookie screw up on their end.
  • trj911 Level 1 Level 1
    I'm having the same problem with hotmail. So if it is a DNS problem it seems that facebook and hotmail both have it. More likely it is a Safari problem.

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  • YangGuangLei Level 1 Level 1
    Having same problem logging on, random thing is in some locations I can log on in others I can't!

    Still awaiting solution...
  • Jay The Rocker Level 1 Level 1
    I'm really happy that I actually found a forum that has had my exact problem. I thought it was just my network, but apparently it isn't. I have a MacBook Pro and I use Safari almost all the time. It started to happen only just a little, but now almost every time I try to go to facebook it says "Safari cannot find the server """ I've tried on Chrome and Firefox too, and it says the same thing. I can now only get onto facebook in short bursts.
  • oautrey Level 1 Level 1
    I am having the same issue. However I cannot log in to any accounts via the web (hotmail, facebook, with the exception of gmail which works flawlessly. I have tried in FF, Safari and even downloaded Chrome to no avail. Logging in to these accounts from another computer is not trouble- it accesses immediately. The moment after I enter my password in Hotmail and click Sign In the page tries to load and I see 'Waiting for' in the bottom left corner of FF, however it never loads. The page eventually times out and I get The Connection was reset screen.

    I have run iAntivirus and found no virus.
    Inserted my original Mac OSX disk and ran the disk check, found no repairs needed.
  • urshita Level 1 Level 1

    does anybody know the solution to this problem? I can't log into gmail, hotmail or facebook ! it says server not found and it moves in circles for aloot of time ! i just got my macbook a month back... so disappointed !

  • leseelu Level 1 Level 1

    I have not been able to log into fb for 2 days on my macbook, but have on my iphone.  I followed the directions from andyball_uk, above.  They worked and I'm back in, but it's SLOW.  It's so frustrating.  For the last couple of weeks, when I go to fb, I receive a message that the site cannot be verified, but I click on through it and get on fb.  Now, it was completely dead until I read from this forum...

  • mmfoto Level 1 Level 1

    Thank You Carolyn Samit
    exactly this solved me the same problem. I mean, when I log out from my iPhone

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