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Is there no way to shuffle songs within a selected playlist in the iPad's iPod app? I know how to shuffle songs within an album or in the top level music library, however there does not seem to be a way to shuffle songs within playlist like in iTunes for Mac.

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    While playing music, tap on the screen once to bring up the control options. On the right side of the screen just below the main controls, there should be a shuffle symbol like in iTunes. Tap it once to turn it blue (turn on shuffle).
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    Thank you for your quick response, but that only shuffles songs within an album or if you choose shuffle from the main songs library, shuffles all songs. What I am looking to do is shuffle songs within a playlist. If I select a song in a playlist, go "behind the cover art" and select shuffle, it only shuffles songs within the album not the entire playlist.

    This is different than in iTunes where you can select a playlist, hit the shuffle on the bottom and the songs shuffle within the playlist independent of the album, genre, etc. This is what I am trying to do on the iPad's iPod app. Am I missing something?
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    Is this the sort or thing you can do on a fully-featured iPod? If not, and I don't have one and so can't check it out, then there'd be no reason to expect it in the iPad. Even if you can, though, that's no guarantee that it must needs also appear elsewhere.

    Seems like a simple thing to add, however. You make that request via the
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    Select the playlist, then select "Songs" from the choices that run across the bottom. You'll get a "Shuffle" option that appears at the top of the song list. This option isn't available when in any of the other views.
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    Ok. Great! Your answers have helped me figure out my oversight. What I thought was a "playlist" is actually a folder of playlists (the icons are very similar). On iTunes I am able to choose the folder of playlists and shuffle from there. However in the iPad's iPod you cannot do that. You can only shuffle from a playlist, not a folder.

    So the work around I suppose is grabbing all the songs in the folder individually and creating one playlist from there.

    And while I can't explain why I didn't distinguish from the "playlist" and playlist folder before, maybe shuffling from a folder seemed like such an intuitive expectation, maybe Apple could consider enabling the function. And maybe I should have titled the post "how to shuffle songs in folders?"

    But all very helpful. Thanks!