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NickiLyons Level 1 Level 1
Why didn't they include the clock app on the iPad like on the iPhone? How else can I sleep my iPad?

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  • Michael Morgan1 Level 7 Level 7
    There is a time displayed, although I have no idea if it's "just like the iPhone...." or not.

    As for sleep, well . . . . the iPad locks (same as sleeping) automatically, as set up in Settings. You can also lock it down manually, of course, by using the switch provided for that purpos.

    Were you expecting something else after reading through your User's Guide?
  • NickiLyons Level 1 Level 1
    I had half expected they would offer the same apps on the iPad as those that came with the iPhone. Since they included those such as Calendar and Notes, why not the Clock. The clock function I use on my iPhone is the Sleep Timer. I can put a video on and watch it in bed and set the timer to sleep the iPhone in 30 minutes or whatever in case I fall asleep. I suppose there is an app to download that will do the same thing, I just don't get why they wouldn't include it.
  • DyreLogan Level 1 Level 1
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    Just download a clock app. There are a few decent free ones out there that display the clock while in sleep mode.
  • lincris Level 2 Level 2

    Me too.  The Apple clock app on my iPhone is one of the most elegant, useful and used by me apps.  I just don't understand why it isn't included.  Is it a technical issue or an oversight?

  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 Level 9

    As this is a user-to-user forum, no one here would be able to tell you why Apple didn't include it. However, I suspect that if it was an oversight, Apple would have noticed by now.


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    Great question, and this is a big omission IMHO.


    While you can get clock aps from the appstore, they will NOT run in the background, so they are pretty useless as alarmclocks.  I don't believe they will put your phone to sleep as you describe either.


    Sometimes Apple does dumb stuff and refuses to correct the mistake. This is one of those times.


    My $0.02



  • Carolyn Samit Level 10 Level 10
    How else can I sleep my iPad?

    Press the Sleep / Wake button top right side of the iPad once. No clock needed for that. It's not like a computer where you can setup a sleep / wake schedule.







    The iPad user guide comes in handy!



  • Eric Westby Level 4 Level 4

    That's not what she meant by "sleep." ;)