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I have an TV and an iPhone using Netflix. Very cool. Now I would like to add more TVs to the other TVs that I have. In my case, I would like to add two more. But before I do that, does anyone know if there is a limitation on the number of Apple devices that can share a Netflix account? There is such a limitation on the number of other devices with Netflix (PCs, Wii, xbox, etc.) which I think is four. But with the other devices, you have to authorize them from the Netflix site. With the TV you just sign in (but then that sign-in is saved).

So . . . does anyone know if I will hit such a limit using Apple products (TV and iPhone)? I don't want to buy the TVs only to find out I max out on a device limit.

MacBooks(4,1 and 5,1), Mac OS X (10.6.5), TV2 - iPhone 3GS
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    So . . . does anyone know if I will hit such a limit using Apple products (TV and iPhone)? I don't want to buy the TVs only to find out I max out on a device limit.

    I am currently using an TV2, iPhone, iPad, and LG Blu-ray player w/Netflix. Have no problem switching between them but have never tried to run all 4 simultaneously.

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    I think four devices is the "normal" netflix max devices you can authorize. The point is, you do not have to authorize (on their website) the TV. So could you have 6 TVs that are all valid at once (for example). Not playing at once maybe, but valid. If you try and do that with other devices you have to go back and forth authorizing and de-authorizing them. That is a pain. I would not want to have to keep signing-out and in with the TV either.
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    Yes there is a limit, but it's a little weird in how it works. Having had to deal directly with Netflix Customer Service on this issue, this is how it was explained to me.

    You are able to have up to Six Devices active per Netflix account at any given time. If you go over that limit, Netflix Should automatically de-authorize one of the existing Six to make room for the newest addition.

    The way they de-authorize varies in priority given by what the device is and how it was activated. Devices such as the Xbox 360 where you have to enter an activation code are the last to be de-authorized automatically by the system if you go over.

    De-authorization priority is given to those devices that simply have you log in to the system with your account info. Also, if you have not logged into Netflix on that device for a long period of time it will be de-authorized and removed from your list of six. Simply logging back in however re-authorizes it, so you should be fine with purchasing any number of Apple TVs. Your only TRUE limit is that you can only watch on six devices at any one time.

    If you wish to manage your currently active devices yourself, you can do so by going to the Netflix website. Once there, log into the site and click "Your Account & Help" in the upper right hand corner. From that page, scroll to the "WATCHING INSTANTLY ON YOUR TV OR COMPUTER" Section. In that section click on the "Manage Netflix ready Devices and Computers" link.

    Hope this helps you out and answers your question.
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    Thank you. That does answer the question.