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The other night i was using my iPod touch and it was working fine and then i put it to sleep for the night and i woke up and tried to wake up my ipod and the screen displayed the plug into iTunes thing and the screen was flickering lighter and darker. I went to plug it into my computer and my computer didnt recognize it and neither did iTunes. I tried turning it off and back on but after i turned it off it didn't turn back on. I tried putting it into recovery mode and any other mode I could find that was supposed to fix it and it didn't work. I also tried charging it with no effect. So now my iPod wont turn on and when i plug it into the computer it tells me that the USB Device is not recognized. I followed the steps here: http://support.apple.com/kb/ts1538
which told me to update the driver for the unknown device. I followed those instructions and i went to install driver from disk and have disk and put in the location it told me to select and the driver it told me to select and after i did that the computer told me that the driver update didn't go with the driver i was updating. So that didn't worked and after hours of much frustration im here. The liquid identifier thing has not been triggered and i no longer have a warranty on my Ipod so if anyone can help it'd greatly appreciate it!

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