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New iPad 16gig wifi won't connect to Orange Livebox router...

I can see the router available as a choice in a list of wireless routers(presumably the neighbours' as well), I can select it, it changes from Gray to Black but then removes itself from the window...

I DO get a message about the 'base station', does this indicate a router issue?

I have a G5PPC imac working and a G4 powerbook and an iPhone all on this wireless connection - I can switch iPhone wifi on and off and the Livebox is readily found...

I also have access to a 10.6 macbook and it's network choice behaves in this fashion also - ethernet OK but no wireless....
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    I had the same problem. Unfortunately it seems that the Orange Live Box, which was previously the Wanadoo Live Box, is not compatible with a Mac. You can confirm this in the instructions for the Live Box. Completely rubbish and hopefully after mass buying of Apple products will convince Orange to upgrade their technology.

    The solution that I use is to use a second router plugged in to the Live Box and connect to that instead. I can recommend the FONERA SIMPL from http://www.fon.com/en/product. I've now bought 2 as my parents also use the Orange Live Box at their house.

    Hope that helps.

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    This can't be true as I have an IMAC and Iphoneboth of which work fine with LiveBox - now my Sony Bluray s570 that 's a different story can't get that to connect to Livebox and have no idea why