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I'm trying to install iTunes and set up my mom's new iPad on my parents computer (I myself am a happy owner of multiple Apple products. They have a fairly new HP with Windows 7 that is pretty souped up and fast.

The problems:
1. iTunes is VERY slow. It'll take more than a minute to start up and then moving around requires about a minute or more of downtime. Í've tried uninstalling all Apple applications and reinstalling iTunes without much improvement.
2. Synching the new iPad is really slow. It took at least 5 minutes for iTunes to even recognize the iPad and it's taking a long time to sync.
3. The iPad isn't charging while it's hooked up to the computer.

Does anyone have any advice? This is my parents' first Apple product so I want them to be happy. Also, they live overseas and there are no Apple stores nearby nor many tech support people that are Apple-knowlegable. Thanks!!!!

iBook G4, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Unfortunately apple refuses to acknowledge anything wrong with the PC version of the iTunes. It frustrates me to no end that they won't put a bit of effort into the platform with the most users of iOS devices. I myself have a mac laptop a few years old and with the same library it boots relatively fast in comparison to my pc which like your parents is "souped" up. This goes for syncing as well. Your 3rd problem with the charging has to do with the USB port not putting out enough power to handle the ipad. Please reference http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4060 for more info.