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If I download a movie from iTunes to my iPad, can I connect my iPad to the TV (flatscreen LG that is internet accessible) and watch the movie. In the same question, can I see my iPad on the TV in general when hooked up?

I didn't want to hook it up and try with fear of damaging my iPad.

iPad, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
  • Rudegar Level 7 (25,480 points)
    unless your tv support airplay which is pretty new so most likely not
    then your only option is to buy the component av cable and only some apps support using it
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    As Rudegar pointed out, the AV cable is an adequate option. But another option is to purchase an Apple TV. That's the only way to use Airplay from an iOS device (for now). I'm pretty sure no OEM TV's support Apple's Airplay technology as of yet. Apple wants you to purchase the Apple TV so don't hold out hope that they'll license the tech to TV manufacturers any time soon.

    Check out Apple's demo of Airplay on their website and see if that's an option you might like. The AV cable is cheaper but IMO a cable of any kind is a cumbersome work around. And the Apple TV allows you to also play music and look at your pictures from any iOS device as well.

    Re: your other question: "Can I see my iPad on the TV in general when hooked up?". The answer is, "Not yet". Only the "output" (IE: music, video, slideshows) can be seen through Airplay or the AV cable. You can't use the TV as a second monitor for your iOS device.

    Lastly, you can't "break" your device simply by trying to hook it up to your TV. I had the same issue with my father this holiday with trying to convince him he couldn't break his camera by trying to hook it directly up via the USB connector on the TV.

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    Yes. I have the keyboard dock and connect via an av cable to my tv. I watch iTunes movies I have downloaded, tv series and music videos.