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My wife and I (both stalwart iPhone users) bought our daughter a Samsung Galaxy Europa Android for Christmas. Yes, I know it's not an iPhone - but hear me out nontheless...

Anyway, the darn thing picks up sms text messages no problem, apart from our iPhones!!!!

Does anyone know if the iPhone is incompatible with Android, the model of the handset, or vice versa? We need to act quickly or we won't be able to exchange the phone.

The main people who will be sending her texts will be us, her parents, and we have no plans on ditching our iPhones.

Help please!

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    Also, we have changed sims and handsets and it still made no difference...
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    There is no compatibility issue. An SMS gets sent from one phone and shows up on the receiving phone. It does not matter when the sending phone is or what the receiving phone is.

    All phones are on AT&T? If so, contact AT&T to find out why the SMS messages are not showing up on the device.

    Out of curiosity, if an SMS is sent from the Android device to one of the iPhones, does it appear?

    I would be willing to bet the issue is with provisioning of the SMS package on the account for the Android phone.
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    If all phones are with the same carrier, you need to contact the carrier.

    A message is routed through the carrier's network and servers which in turn sends the message to the recipient's cell phone. If the recipient is using a different carrier, the message is routed to the carrier's network used by the recipient which send the message to the recipient's cell phone. SMS/MMS is just a very limited form of email between cell phones. Check with your carrier.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    As you can probably tell by the funny accent, I'm an englishman and we don't have AT&T over here in the UK.

    We are on 'TalkMobile' which are part of spectacularly unglamourously titled 'The Carphone Warehouse' organisation. It's where YouTube's Paul Potts used to work, or was it Susan Boyle? Anyway, I digress.

    The Android does successfully send SMS to the iPhones - or is it that the iPhones successfully receives them? And does that matter?

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as I really feel that as far as theses Samsung Galaxy models are concerned, these aren't the 'droids we're looking for...
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    If all phones are with the same cell phone carrier, you need to contact the cell phone carrier.
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    Ah sorry, the bit where I said 'We are on TalkMobile' referred to the Android only, the iPhones are on O2 (as in oxygen gas).