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Hi, I am a pro retoucher, and have looked around for an easy way to put images in some sort of gallery view, but with rollover effects displaying before images and after images if you roll the mouse over them.

Any idea if iWeb has any plans in ever putting this kind of thing in? (If they haven't already) I see there are HTML snippets one can embed and other fancy workarounds, but my HTML skills are extrmemly limited and can't see how I can integrate that into the galleries functionality as it's all backend coding stuff and I am very much front end designer...

May just have to learn the next best thing - SiteGrinder - as that is Photoshop converted to websites, and with Photoshop being my strength, seems the way to go, but even that requires a lot of time going thru the tutorials...

Just hoped there was a quick way of doing it in iWeb. Any suggestions/insight most welcome

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