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hey guys and gals!

i got a slight problem - webcams. i need a decent quality webcam to use with Ustream and Youtube. But webcams and OS X dont seem to mix all that well. UVC cams work but I'm having hard time to understand the features UVC offers. There are loads of webcams on different price ranges.

For example, I tested out a logitech C510 with my Macbook and it did rather well (after getting the flash player video access to work - had to install 64-bit version of flash player).

But i'm not sure if Macbook actually can squeeze 720p HD out of it?? Maybe I'd be fine with a cheaper cam...

I need crisp video images, audio is coming from a separate audio unit. Oh, and the wider the lens, the better.

Can anyone help me out and share some thoughts?

macbook, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
  • Adam White Level 4 (1,315 points)
    If your MacBook has Firewire, then your best bet is to find a FW DV Camcorder and plug it in directly to your MacBook. Find one with audio inputs and you have yourself a great webcam and the highest Quality video. Match up a nice desktop tripod to top it off.

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    Thanx for your answer. Too bad I already have a cam but without Firewire... Buying another cam would not be financially acceptable So i gotta find myself a webcam...
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    Just about a year ago I picked up a used Sony for under $100. For what a good webcam would cost, it may serve the purpose.
    Not many camcorders these days come with FW, so a used one, say 4-5 years old like mine is a steal and you can use it for more than just as a webcam.

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    Cam is a better option in some ways but in terms of portability, a little webcam really can do what i expected it to do thanx for your ideas but i'm still after a webcam