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Finder windows has one inconsistency, but only for this one file, which is a JPG photo. In list view with the option to not show thumbnails (under Command J) Then I get generic JPG badges for each file. If I select: "Show as Icon" then I get a small photo icon for each photo. So far, so good. The problem is with one individual photo file. It always shows as a photo icon, regardless of how I set the checkbox for Show as Icon within a finder Window by sing Command J. So the problem seems to be with that individual file by itself. Using Command I for Show Information on the individual files does not give me any options or clues about how to control the presentation of the icon on its individual files.

Looking at the same image but with different file names or paths, then everything is normal and as it should be. The simple answer is simply erase the "goofy" file and replace it with a new version, but I want to understand what the OS is doing. The same issue with the same file was under OSX 3 and 4. I have 10.6 Snow Leopard now, but the issues was there with Tiger and so on.

An ideas?

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