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I've been using a program that requires the number pad for some impportant functions. I haven't been able to find much help as most of the similar topics are on the wireless keyboard. I've tried using fn+F6 (as I read somewhere), but it does nothing (if in the BootCamp control panel it is set to do the standard function) or changes the keyboard brightess (if set to do the special features). Any help?


P.S. i have the Mid 2010 MB-Pro with the US keyboard

MBPro 13-in Mid 2010
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    I've just find a really useful program called "KeyRemap4MacBook 6.9". You can find it on apples download page. It will allow you to use numpad keys while you hold the "fn" button. As they say: "The revival of a lost NumPad key (FN+jkluio789)"

    Hope it will help.

    Sok sikert
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    Try a Targus or similar USB number pad. I have two that work perfectly with Vista and Win 7 via Bootcamp.

    Just Google "usb keypad" to see what is avaiable.