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Up until last Friday I would download my daily podcasts directly to my iPod Touch(Third Generation) via wifi connection by clicking on the "Get More Episodes" link at the bottom of each podcast list in my music folder on my ipod. For some reason it has stopped listing the newest episodes for all of my podcasts, even when I look up them in iTunes on my iPod. Has this been happening to anyone else? Any solutions? Has Apple changed something to disable this ability? The "Get More Episodes" link is still listed under each podcast.

iPod Touch 3rd gen, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    Perhaps the Podcaster has stopped releasing new episodes over the Christams period. Which Podcasts are you talking about?

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    All of the podcasts continue to have episodes added to them, but for some reason they do not appear on the iTunes app on my 3rd Gen iPod Touch. When I first posted this question the situation temporarily resolved itself when I plugged my iPod into my computer and synced the two. After that for about a week or so I could download new episodes of podcasts directly to my iPod again, but the problem has reoccurred and syncing doesn't seem to be fixing it this time. This problem first manifested itself when I began using the iPod charger that I received as a gift, but I don't see why this would affect itunes on my ipod. It appears to be affecting all of the podcasts I regularly download. Any ideas anyone?
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    podcasts are not posting to my ipod touch. I can get them immediately on the macbook but it sometimes takes days for them to appear on the touch. Why?
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    I know it's no help to say this, but I'm having the same problem with my iPod Touch 4G, specifically with the New York Times daily Front Page podcast. Would love to know why. Thanks.
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    I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one with this problem. I'm using a First Gen Touch and the major problem is that the iTunes App crashed every time I try to download a podcast lately. I've already erased and restored but no luck, same issue. (My iPhone works fine, btw) The iPod has barely been used at all. It's sad that it's already malfunctioning right out of the box.
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    Has anyone ever found a solution to this problem? Its sounds like I have the same problem. I click "get more episodes", download the episode I want, it shows it downloading and processing, then it doesn't show up in my podcast list. That means I have to sync every time I want a new podcast.
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    I suspect it has something to do with the "subscribe" settings in iTunes -- but I find those so anti-intuitive that I haven't looked into this . . .
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    I have the same problem, New ipod touch 4G. But I have to turn on the computer, start itunes, download new episodes, sync ipod, disconnect, turn off computer. It's a lot of steps that could be bypassed with a couple taps.
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    I have the same issues I get the error cannot connect to itunes, but its only on some podcasts  and it is an intermittent error.  So I think it's an itunes problem.  Nobody seems to have a fix

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    Some of these problems do not seem to be the same. Here is the problem I am experiencing, which I believe to be the same problem the original poster listed:


    I used to be able to download podcasts directly to my first-generation iPhone. Now, when i go to one of my favorite podcasts and click on "Get More Episodes...," no episodes are listed. Instead, what I see is the number of reviews, the star rating, and "More from this provider."


    The only thing I recall doing that might have affected this is disconnecting the payment account from my iTunes account, but when I linked it back up it didn't fix the problem, so I'm not sure what caused this, nor do I know how to fix it.


    I tried synching, and that did not fix it either.


    Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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    Well, I feel dumb. The episodes are still there, but for some reason, they are off the bottom of the screen (below the copyright and a big blank space). All I had to do is brush up with my thumb and there they were. I hope this helps someone else.

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    i just posted the same question, I dont know what to do either???