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Trying to sync books from computer. No Books tab is available in Itunes?

Windows 7
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    Do you mean audiobooks or written books ? Written books should go in the iBooks app (which you'll need to download if you havn't already done so).
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    In the left column click on books. Drag and drop the book into iTunes... Sync to the iPad.
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    Written books, and audiobooks show up in iTunes under Books in the folder list.

    Written books (on the device) do not necessarly show up iBooks app, rather they can show up under several other ebook readers.

    I personally do not see books in the ibooks app unless Apple installed them (default book) or I purchase through Apple Store.


    I, too, have trouble with the device sync book tab not working (inside iTunes, when the device is connected, all syncs work unless I click on books tab - that will crash iTunes every time).

    I've heard this could be caused by an inappropriately formated file.  Can't confirm that.


    You can create playlists to drag onto the device, which might be a faster way, than individually dragging and dropping, to get contect on the iPad

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    Which application in particular should i aquire in order for me to enable the sync books tab..coz like from what i gather?while the device is syncing wit the PC,,both exchange data based on the changes made to each other...so suppose i install an app like pdf lite which i did shouldn't i be able to access the sync books tap magicaly??or i wish so???????shade light please anyone.......

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    The Books tab syncs with the iBooks app on the iPad, not with non-Apple apps.


    Have you tried connecting the iPad to your computer's iTunes, selecting the device's apps tab, scrolling to the bottom of it and seeing if the app appears in the file sharing section ? Does the app support transfer of files to/from your computer via wifi ? If the app is the lite version of PDF Reader then you could try looking at their site : http://pdf-reader.kdanmobile.com/#user_guide

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    I encounter the same problem.


    iBooks app is installed in my ipad but when I connect the ipad to my laptop the books tab does not appears in the itunes.


    Is there any setting that I miss? or it suppose to be automatically appears in the itunes?

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    Answer to your question:

    Just hit Preferences in iTunes, and tick "Books".

    Now, the Books tab will appear.

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    I have the same problem.

    I have iTunes on my iMac, that I sync both to iPhone and iPod.

    My iTunes on the desktop is missing the Books tab.

    If I go under Preferences, it is not on the list there, so I cannot check it to "show" in that left column on my iTunes library screen.

    I would like to be able to sync PDFs to my books, and be able to open them on my phone or iPod, but cannot figure out a way to sync them without the Books tab in iTunes...

    Any help?

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    If you OS X Mavericks on your Mac then you will have an iBooks app on your Mac, ibooks, epubs, PDFs are no longer stored with iTunes. If it is Mavericks then you can add your PDFs and epubs to that app on your Mac via File > Add To Library, and anything that you have in that app should then show on your phone's and iPod's Books tab for syncing to them (in a similar to how you use the other tabs, Apps, Music etc, to select what to sync to them) :

      device tabs books.jpg

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    Thank you! Never thought of opening the iBooks, duh...