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Hi everyone,

I have bought an iphone 4 pay as you go WITHOUT A SIMCARD at a vodafone shop. This phone was unlocked!

Then i ve bought a vodafone simcard from another store and started to use it.

then i ve broken the glass and went to Apple Store to replace it. they have replaced the phone, therefore the case of the phone has changed as well as IMEI and SERIAL NO.

Now I saw that the replacement phone is locked and i cant use any other sim card in it.

i talked with vodafone guys and they told me to contact with Apple.

How can i solve this issue?

please help

mac pro, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    Do as Vodafone told you and contact Apple at the Apple Store that replaced it.

    However, according to the Support article below, Vodafone do not supply unlocked iPhones, nor do they unlock them - so I don't know how you managed to buy one from them.


    Why buy a Vodafone iPhone at one Vodafone shop then go to another Vodafone shop to buy a Vodafone SIM? How do you know the iPhone the first shop sold you was unlocked?
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    thanks for reply.

    I know because vodafone guy told me "you dont have to buy a vodafone simcard with this, if you want to use other sims you can buy"

    the phone was packed and never opened.

    However the strange thing is, the replacement phone that Apple Store gave me is locked too! And when I contact with vodafone they told me to contact apple to get the NUC code.

    Any ideas?
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    an additional info:

    There is a charge of 20 pounds to unlock the vodafone locked iphone 4s. I want to pay this and unlock my phone but they have told me to contact with apple to get the NUC code.
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    I wouldn't believe a word any mobile phone store salesperson says - they'll say anything to get your money. He might've meant you could use any other Vodafone SIM purchased elsewhere, not any networks SIM. But, as you never tried it, you have no way of knowing whether the 1st iPhone was really unlocked or not.

    As far as unlocking goes, only the network that the phone is locked to can authorise an unlock. They send Apple the authorisation and the phones unique ID then Apple adds it to the unlocked iPhone database. You then connect the phone to iTunes for the actual unlock info to be updated on the phone.

    So, your first step is contact Vodafone and find out what the process is for unlocking through them. Apple can't unlock iPhones without authority from the network.
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    According to Vodaphone's information on their web site, you need to complete and submit this form:


    I don't know what vendor to select since they don't include Apple in the list; perhaps "Vodaphone Phones" in absence of a more correct selection. Contacting Apple will do no good, as only the carrier (as the others have said) can initiate an unlock.


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    good luck i am having the same problem with t mobile ony problem is they say they cant get an unlock code as they dont have it registered with them, they also told me that apple should have given me one that was open to any carrier grrrrrrrrrrrrr so if you have any luck please let me know lol



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    If you are talking about vodafone UK then they have never sold them unlocked.  They will now unlock them.  I got an Apple replacement before they started unlocking but there was no trouble unlocking it when they started doing it.  They just asked what IMEI was on my phone now, I assume they checked I was still using a vodafone sim but then the job was done within 3 days.