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Recently, for the last month or two, my mac won't let me look at certain websites. (i.e,, some sites.) Cannot find a solution on any forums yet that work for me. The internet works fine on the other computers in the house and I can access those sites with no problems. I have snow leopard on my Macmini, and I tried reinstalling it and the websites worked ONE time, then if I closed the browser the sites would come up with the error, cannot connect to the internet. Or in the case of the Hulu site, show text only with no formatting. I also tried reinstalling Java, and it did the same thing, would let me see the website once and then not again. Not sure what else I can try. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there some update i have not installed yet that does not come up in my updates? Thanks for all help.

First Gen. MacMini, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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