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Louis K Level 1 Level 1
I am thinking if purchasing the iPad to view pictures when traveling. There has been a lot of discussion concerning the difficulty viewing of raw files. I use a Leica M9. I came across an raw image developer application called Pirawnha this morning. It is made by a company called Cypress Innovations. Has anyone tried it?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.3), EIZO Monitor, Leica M8.2 and M9
  • Philly_Phan Level 6 Level 6
    I don't have that app because I do all my serious work on the Mac and then transfer the end results to the iPad. However, I went to the App Store and. according to the feature list provided by the developer, it's a $10 version of Lightroom, which is bit scary. (The reference to LR is mine.) The info wasn't clear but I suspect that you'll need to work on the entire image rather than selected areas as with LR. Of course, there are no layers.

    The app exports ONLY jpg files and, if the image is >15MP, it's exported at half-size.
  • Louis K Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks for your reply. I only want to use the iPad to view my Raw files in the field, not edit them. I am hoping someone has experience with the app
  • pvonk Level 6 Level 6
    I did a search at the app store for Pirawnha and came up empty. Also searched for Cypress Innovations but only came up with 3 games. Are you sure about the name of this app?
  • Louis K Level 1 Level 1
    Here is the link I found using Google :
    Link on iTunes: p_r2c1&id=409747795

    I am hoping someone with a Leica will try it before I buy an iPad.
  • piRAWnha Level 1 Level 1
    Hi All,
    I'm part of the group (Cypress Innovations) that has developed piRAWnha for iPad. We're photographers ourselves and wanted to be able to view/process raw especially when traveling.
    We're building up the feature set, slowly but surely (we're about to release some more) and would love to hear thoughts on features that might be useful to you. Editing part of the image and layers are both on our list for upcoming projects.
    If I can answer any questions about the app, please let me know.
  • Philly_Phan Level 6 Level 6
    If I dump my NEF files to your app and make modifications, is the original camera version of the file still available to me for transfer to my Mac? I'm thinking that this will not be my normal work flow and I probably would want to use my Mac as the main storage device.

    Obviously I'm assuming that you can handle Nikon RAW. Please confirm.
  • piRAWnha Level 1 Level 1
    Our app doesn't modify the original raw files. We just open them so you can view and the edits made can be exported as a jpg... so you can still use the iPad as storage for the raw.

    For a list of the raw files we support, see here:

    Additionally, our app supports transfer with the Camera Connection Kit but the new version (released shortly) will support transfer via iTunes.

    Hope that helps, but if you have any further questions, please let me know!
  • Philly_Phan Level 6 Level 6
    Thanks. Any hope of exporting to TIFF in the future? Currently I convert to JPG only when I'm completely finished with the image. I start out with LR primarily for any exposure issues. From there I export as TIFF and finish up with PS/CS5 and finally convert to JPG for distribution.

    I like what I've read about your product but, for $10, I don't expect it to replace CS5. I'd probably use it in conjunction with CS5 and, for that reason, i'm not too anxious to convert to JPG while the image is still in an intermediate stage.

    If there is some way that I can reach you privately, I'll send you a link that sows the type of work that I enjoy doing.
  • piRAWnha Level 1 Level 1
    Great. We would certainly be able to add an option to export to tiff, and could expect to do that in our next update. Would you prefer 8-bit or 16-bit export?
    We do think our product is great for developing raw (and now other images) on iPad but certainly wouldn't replace CS5. The update we just released now allows for images to be imported via iTunes, presets and editing for jpegs, tiffs and other image files.
    You can contact me at piRAWnha (at) -look forward to seeing your work.
  • PLSV Level 1 Level 1
    It is nice to see you on the Discussion forum, piRAWnha!

    What I want from an app is to get the files off my 5DII onto the iPad, to do a minimum amount of editing for sharing (blog, friends) and then to be able to export the original files and perhaps the edited jpgs to my MacBook Pro when I get home from travel. I don't want degradation on the 20meg+ files, or compressing, or altering in any way.

    The MBP is their ultimate editing home, then external hard drives and DVDs.

    But I WANT AN iPAD, and I have been waiting for 2nd gen - now it is here, now I have to justify the purchase!! The photo capabilities is the only thing holding me back. Or - it WAS?
  • piRAWnha Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks. We love to engage with other iPad users and learn from the large community of photographers about what would be most useful in a RAW photo app.

    piRAWnha does exactly what you are looking for. It would allow you to view the raw images and create jpgs. Our app does not change the raw image in any way.

    Our new version (about to come out) has a number of other features that we think will be useful. You can rate or tag images with keywords, and this information is exported into an XMP file, which can be imported later into many desktop image processing programs. Additionally, you will be able to export images as tiffs and other file types. With an iPad 2, you can also view full-size images as well as export full-size images. With piRAWnha v 2.0, you will also be able to use our app in conjunction with shuttersnitch, or open raw files stored in your dropbox account.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you have ideas for more features!

    in the app store:

    twitter @piRAWnha
  • CurtD Level 1 Level 1
    Excellent discussion. I'm not worried about the 9.99, I need something that will share storage with my collection of CF cards while I am in the field, allow clients to view images and occasionally edit and send quick jpegs to a client.

    So, based on this excellent discussion, the participation of piRAWnha and a little Google searching, I'm buying it immediately for my iPad 2 and trusting that the next release will add needed tweaks n features
  • piRAWnha Level 1 Level 1
    Great. Hope you like the app. We've just released a major update that includes a number of features designed for iPad 2 (full-size export and full-size viewing), as well as the ability to use ratings and keywords with XMP (for later import into other programs).

    As always, if you have ideas for new features, please let us know!
  • Willmphoto Level 1 Level 1

    Ok so this is my question about putting raw files on ipad 2: how to transfer them out?

    I also wanna use my ipad 2 for storing my photos when i travel but i know the 64gb will be good for one or two days of shooting but not the whole trip. Is there anyway to transfer the photos from the ipad 2 to a external hd?

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