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just wondering why...? i have a bose original sound dock and the ipod will not work with it...?

iPod touch, iOS 4
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    The case configuration of the 4G is a little different that the previous ones. For the Apple Dock, Apple sells a 4G adopter. Other users have experienced the same problem and had to modify their dock to make it accept the 4G. They used knives and maybe shims.
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    The Bose has an adaptor in the dock connector that actually holds the iPod in the correct place. My Bose came with some adaptors, one of which fits my Classic but none of them fit my Touch, so I use the insert that came with the Touch. Strangely, some iPod adaptors need to be fitted into the Bose "adaptor" which then fits into the dock connector - who know why? It's very odd!

    So each iPod model has a different adaptor. As lllaass says, Apple sell adaptors for the 4G - in the past they included an adaptor with the iPod, but it appears that now you need to buy one.

    Could it be that you have forgotten that you fitted an adaptor to the Bose when you first got it? To remove the adaptor from the dock connector, gently push a thin blade between the adaptor and the edge of the hole it fits into (to separate them) and lever the adaptor out. You do not need to force it, be gentle and do it from the front or back - but not the sides of the adaptor, you'll break it.

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    My new 4th Gen iTouch fits onto my 3 year old Bose Sound Dock just fine. The problem is the iTouch says it wont charge on this device. Whats up with that? The iTouch docs on all my old Apple docks and cables and charges just fine. Whats stopping the charging?
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    Earlier versions of ipods were charged using the "firewire" connection pins (though the Dock connector), which is 12 volts. Your Bose SoundDock charges this way.

    However, as iPod (internal electronic) design evolved, Apple introduced charging through the USB 5 volt connection and iPods at that time could be charged by either method, both through the Dock Connector plug but on different pins and with a different voltage.

    Unfortunately, several manufacturers of various charging/docking devices failed (in my opinion) to heed the obvious, which was that later iPods would not have the firewire connection. Even if Apple didn't make that clear to third party manufacturers (and I don't know if they did or not), it should have been obvious to anyone with technical knowledge that Apple would stop having firewire charging on iPods.

    That's precisely what has happened, the iPod touch can only be charged using the 5 volt USB pins. So that's why you see the message *Charging not supported with this accessory* when you place the Touch into your Bose. Later Bose SoundDocks have rectified this and will charge the Touch.

    You're not alone, I have a Bose SoundDock, which sure enough, will not charge my iPod Touch, but will charge my iPod Classic. The add-on adaptor in my car, which enables me to connect my iPods to the car stereo via the Dock Connector is the same, it charges the Classic but not the Touch.

    Those manufacturers who did see the obvious, introduced USB charging early on in the game. Others were slow off the mark. Klipsch as far as I can tell, actually recalled the RoomGroove so that they could re-work them so they charged using the USB pins. Consequently, my early production Klipsch RoomGroove will not charge my iPod Touch, my later production one will!

    If you're really desparate to charge the Touch while it's on the Bose, there is an adaptor by Scosche called the *iPod & iPhone Charging adapter for home docks:*
    black is http://www.scosche.com/consumer-tech/product/1695
    white is http://www.scosche.com/consumer-tech/product/1694
    and they both come with the small collar adapotor that fits between an iPod cradle and the Bose base. (What's that all about anyway, why didn't Bose make the hole the correct size?)

    There is also a car one - http://www.scosche.com/consumer-tech/product/1667

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    Phil, Thanks so much for the response. Thats the first description of the actual problem Ive read and it makes total sense. I had already ordered the Scosche adapter before reading your note here. Apple probably tried, but dropping 12v across a 5v regulator chip in that tiny device would cause way too much heat. Oh well, another adapter in the drawer !!! Thanks again - Mike
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    Saying that other devices and manufactures should have known or heed the warnings about future products is an illogical and narcissistic response to the problem.

    If Apple is going to change their product so that it no longer fits the main stream systems or prior versions, then APPLE is responsible for providing adaptation hardware or software.

    Absolutely absurd! We aren't falling for the "they should keep up and have a crystal ball" response. I'd rather switch to a product that is more customer friendly! Keep this up and your stock will drop!