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i plugged my iphone in the charger for a few hours, came back and it was still on red. thought it wasn;t in properly so i tried it again and it still stayed on the little red bar. what do i do? now if i take it off the charge it will die.

iphone 3GS
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    This happened to me a couple of times. Last night was the worst. I had it on to charge for 2 hours and it was still not charging. I thought it was the cord so I pluged into my laptop, had been addding music to my nano so I KNEW that was a good plug/cord. Nothing heppened. I came here to Apple Discussions and while I was looking for an answer all of a sudden the iphone screen went to the boot up 'apple' and within 5 minutes it made that familiar sound that it was plugged in! Then in a few more minutes another familiar sound and my background appeared for a few seconds, then that nice pic of the battery charging! It was in the red but not as near the end as before, so I think that sometimes we drain them so badly that they really need to stay plugged in longer than seems normal. so, leave it for the day and even use a different usb cord, into a differrent outlet. That worked for me an my phone is charging-whew! good luck, hope this works for you