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I've searched the forums and found a post with this issue but not a solution...

I took a video with my 3GG. Latest iOS. Can't email it, because it is too long (1:39). Don't want to clip it. Can't get at it from backup because all the filenames are encrypted. Seems kind of crazy. How do I email the video?

iMac, UMBP, Mac OS X (10.6.5), iPhone 3GS (Latest iOS)
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    when you connect your phone to your computer, do you get an pop up asking if you want to copy your pictures/videos from the phone to your computer?

    what OS are you using? mac or windows? the above happens for me with Win 7.
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    It is on a Mac with the latest SL and iOS.

    It seems it wants me to post it to YouTube, which I did. I set it to "must have link to see", which is fine. So, the iOS is deciding for me how large of an attachment is reasonable. Strange.
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    ok, i am afraid i can't really help you with copying it to your computer as i am a windows guy. mac's are too expensive!

    regardless, you being able to post it to youtube has little to do with emailing the video. you can probably upload just about anything youtube, while different email systems will have different requirements on attachments. for example, i believe gmail now allows 25mb of attachments, but other providers will do only 10mb.
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    Thank you.

    What I mean is, by design, large videos are "supposed to" be published to YouTube and the link emailed.