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Hi, my 2 1/2 year-old daughter locked me in !
I usually lock the iPad using the Restrictions panel (General section in Settings) before giving her the device, and it happened several times that she handed it over to me... with the "6 Failed Passcode Attempts" red message in the Enter Passcode panel, which means she randomly tried typing digits in that area, which all failed, which is fine... except that I just found out that all of a sudden this time the Enter Passcode panel is now LOCKED for good and says "Try again in 220 174 minutes".
I sync'ed the device to my Mac to no avail following Apple knowledge base suggestion. I Guess these are just too many failed code attempts.
BTW I do backup (automatically in iTunes) regularly but I would like to save the restore hassle because of 32GB of data to restore (half the built-in 64GB) or I would like to be SURE that this cures the problem.

Thanks in advance !


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iPad 64GB Wi-Fi, iOS 4, Restrictions Passcode on