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So an iPhone 3GS (with iOS 4.1) has been mine for a year and now I haven't been able to sync it for weeks now. I think the problem started after I downloaded the new iTunes ( Whenever I plug it into my computer iTunes won't recognize it, and it doesn't even start charging. I'm running Windows XP on my PC and it keeps recognizing my phone as a digital camera.
I've un- and reinstalled all the Apple programs including iTunes and Apple Mobile Device Support several times. I've deleted all my apps on the phone which were downloaded directly to the phone. I've restarted both the computer and the iPhone a few times and still nothing.
Apple Mobile Device Support was restarted too, and I tried to update the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver with no success. It's not easy because in the Device Manager there is usually nothing under Universal Serial Bus controllers. My iPhone is usually located in a different section called Imaging Devices (I'm not sure if these were the right words, 'cause I'm using Windows in Hungarian), with Apple Mobile Device USB Driver name. I've tried to enable it and update it, but whenever I select usbaapl.inf I'm told that Windows cannot find the file. I've tried different locations, not just Mobile Device Support\Drivers but system32 too.
The other night when I kept trying to update the drivers (one appeared in USB controllers section, too) my phone started to charge somehow and an iPhone 2# device or something like that appeared in the Device Manager, but iTunes didn't recognise it. Now it won't charge again. Of course, I tried other USB ports.

I don't know what to do I've been reading topics for a while but found nothing. I hope you can help me, it's driving me crazy.

PC, Windows XP
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    My iphone is now doing the same thing. have you had any luck in getting this fixed???
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    No, I haven't :/ Anyway, I'd appreciate if you let me know if your problem was solved.
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    iTunes won't show my iPhone either.
    How can I save my iPhone contacts, photos and apps to my PC for backup?

    Why is the Apple Help feature so unhelpful?
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    Finally, my iPhone works perfectly. I'm not sure what solved the problem. I plugged my sister's iPhone into my computer, and iTunes recognized it at once. Then I reinstalled all the Apple programs again and plugged my iPhone in. It was recognized as a camera again, then it started to charge, and finally iTunes recognized it! I'm updating it right now :P
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    I'm struggling with the same issue.

    I synced by iPhone once without issue. Now, no matter what I try, I cannot get iTunes to recognize the iPhone. Apple support was no help.

    Tried uninstalling and reinstalling at least 3 times. Even went to the trouble of scouring the registry to eliminate any and all references to itunes and ipod before reinstalling.

    The phone connects to Windows just fine... can see it in Explorer, etc.

    Tried all of the "reset the phone", etc.

    I can plug it into another computer, and itunes will recognize it.

    I can see the APPLE MOBILE DEVICE in services, and can start/stop/restart the service, and get no error messages.

    When I look in Device manager, I do not see any sort of Apple Mobile listing under USB, etc.

    I can see the iPhone listed under PORTABLE DEVICES. I've tried the "search for updated driver", but it reports back that the driver is current. It considers it a digital camera.

    I've tried starting and stopping firewall and AVS.

    I just love these "user friendly" devices that give you no troubleshooting clues whatsoever.

    Any new suggestions? I've poked around alot on the web, and this support forum, and here lots of issues with this, but no solution.
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    This worked for me:



    Only 4+ hours LOST.

    It would appear that the software did not properly identify the iPhone (or any apple device) as needing the APPLE MOBILE DEVICE USB DRIVER, but instead listed it as a portable device. (Check in your device manager... my clue was that the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver would not launch when the device was connected.)

    Once I followed the directions, and reset the device driver, it started to work again.

    The title of the support page is "iPhone, iPad, or iPod is not recognized by Windows due to driver installation issues" (in case the link doesn't work).
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    Hey thanks for posting this, it helped me only take a couple mins to fix this bc of your post Thanks!