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I have searched all over with very little to no help. I don't sync my phone every day, i think the last time i synced it was 3 months ago. So i took the new update and synced the phone, as I have done in the past. But this time, i lost over 200 contacts from my phone? Where the heck did they go? Apple restore in itunes says the only backup i have is from the day before. I have found the location of the backups, and even pulled a file from my Windows Backup, which I do every week. The backup is from sept 2010, which is the last time i did a sync. I restored that, and still have no contacts? Why would I-tunes delete my contacts this time, and has never deleted them before?

Plz help me, so many of these contacts will be impossible to find again, not to mention the time required to re-enter them.

Also , i have found so many people on line with this same problem, i can't help but wonder why Apple has not focused some attention on the situation? This is a rediculous oversite by apple and needs to be corrected imediately!

PC, Windows 7
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    Iphone is designed to be synced with your computer regularly.

    You should be syncing contacts with a compatible program on your computer. Your contacts should be there.
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    Really? Hmmm. I would think it would be the most common sense obvious thing that apple would do when one syncs his phone. That would be to KEEP all contacts, no matter what! Besides , I have never used Windows contacts, or outlook, or yahoo, or gmail for phone numbers! So why, in the past has it kept my contacts intact when I have synced it? Never been a problem the last 10 syncs? Now it chooses to delete them? I am so frustrated right now, i appolagize for my inability to see the ways of the great Stevil Jobs?
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    The iphone is NOT a stand alone device. It is designed to be synced regularly to your computer.

    If you sync contacts to a blank computer, then it will delete the contacts from the iphone.

    It is designed to be synced with a compatible program on your computer. Having your contact, or any information, in only one place is not wise at all. It was never intended that your contacts, or anything else be only on the iphone. The iphone simply mirror the selected content of your computer. You computer is where the information resides. Iphone merely allows you to carry it with you and - in regards to contacts and calendars - lets you sync two ways to keep the info up to date.

    You contacts and all other info/files/pics/music/etc should be on your computer and included in your regular backup that you should always maintain of your computer.
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    Once again, I do not think you are reading and understanding my post. I may not regularily sync my phone as some others do, but i do sync it. My point is . . .

    let me make this very very clear . . .

    I have synced it at least 10 times in the last year. OK

    Every other time I have synced it, it has retained ALL CONTACTS. OK

    I have NEVER EVER used any form of contacts on my computer. OK

    This one time, I sync it. It decides to DELETE ALL CONTACTS ? ***?

    Is that clear enough for you?

    I really am not trying to belittle you, i do honestly seek some help. Im just not getting proper communication across.
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    I am in the same boat here too. My contacts, photos, apps, calendar have never been cleared from an update before. It would be a different situation if my phone had crashed and all of this information was lost. If we are doing routine maintenance and updates as usual and as directed, there should be no reason for an overwrite like this with no warning. I have never been directed to make sure I back up my contacts, calendar and photos separately before doing any updates. This seems to be a widespread issue so I dont think there is any denying that it is a problem.
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    I agee with this delimma. I also lost all data on my iphone when syncing phone in itunes on Jan 1st. I first freaked out and want to know what can I do to restore all my data before Jan 1st. This is also not the first time I do this. Why did all of my data - all contact info, pictures, notes, everything. My phone reset as if new. What can I do? Where can I go to restore all data before the syncing. I didn't set it to restore. So stressed and missing all my pictures and contacts and notes is not excusable. Please help!!!!