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The last couple of months I have noticed whenever I first start up my iMac; within a few minutes iTunes will launch and start playing the first song in my library. If I quit iTunes, it will restart again in a few seconds. I have also noticed when this is happening that the built in microphone does not work properly with Skype. If I restart my computer; it seems to fix the problem but does anyone know how to stop it from happening in the first place? Thanks for your help.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
  • nachdenki Level 3 (635 points)
    the itunes issue could be happening because you accidentally press the itunes button on your keyboard (F8) or maybe an itunes remote is used accidentally?
  • laverne's mom Level 2 (395 points)
    Thanks for the information. I had posted a similar question on the iTunes forum about a month ago and got some good suggestions but ocassionally iTunes still opened without my knowing how. I think the answer is knowing that the F8 key is the iTunes button. I am sure that somewhere something tells me that, but I never knew it and am pretty sure that is what has caused the mysterious iTunes starting on my computer. My cat walks on the keyboard and I never know what the results will be. I think you solved my question too.
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    No, iTunes can start without anyone being at the computer so I know the button hasn't been pushed; and I don't have a remote that I use either.
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    My iTunes behaves like this also. II've noticed that iTunes will be playing mysteriously when I return to the computer after being away for hours. I've also noticed that even after quitting the program, I can come back later to find it on and playing a song. Particularly this happens after I've put the Computer to sleep for the night: the next morning iTunes will be playing a song.

    I'm pretty sure it has something to do with leaving my old (1st gen) iPod Shuffle attached to the USB port. (I do this to charge it and sometimes forget it.) I've found that if I restart the computer with the shuffle attached then iTunes will open automatically--even though i have deliberately set the preferences not to do so. I think the system sees the USB port occupied on start up and opens iTunes to handle the device.

    I suspect also that when the computer goes to sleep ( I have mine set to sleep if there's no activity for a half hour, and I rarely shutdown completely), when it wakes up and "sees" the shuffle it will open iTunes even if I've left the program closed before it went to sleep. Since Time Machine wakes up the computer for backups periodically, I think it plays a role in this also. But I still don't get why songs begin playing automatically. Puzzling.
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    Same Problem here. I have turned off Sharing in iTunes it still starts on its own. Some days it plays music and others it does not. It almost sounds like something is scheduling it to start. Started about 3 weeks ago. No new software added. Apple TV is only new device but it is not attached to computer and I have turned off sharing.

    Intel iMac with OS 10.6.6 and all updates.
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    i too am getting this issue. it was freaking me out thinking someone was remotely accessing my mac and messing with me, or that my keyboard was malfunctioning. good to know others are experiencing this issue.

    Apple, hurry up and help us, i'm tired of getting up at 2am to turn off random music, especially when it plays the first song of all my artists - ACDC "He.ll's Bells". Freaks me out.
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    As stated in the TOU, Apple doesn't monitor these forum for problems.



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    iTunes now randomly launches and plays the first song in my library, starting immediately after the 10.3.1 update. Additionally, iTunes has started randomly pausing a song that is playing. I removed iTuneshelper from my login items, and killed the plists with no luck. I then uninstalled/reinstalled with a fresh download from the Apple site, no change. I keep my library on an external drive, so to prevent music from randomly blasting at 3am, I have started disconnecting my external drive whenever I'm not wanting to use iTunes. This is extraordinarily obnoxious, and I'm hoping that Apple releases a fixer update soon.


    Anyone got any tricks up their sleeves that worked for you?




    13' MBP OS 10.6.8

    2.26 Ghz IC 2 Duo/2GB 1067MHz DDR3

    iTunes 10.3.1


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    Same problem here nothing !

  • brucefromauckland Level 1 (0 points)

    same problem as well... starting to get a bit $%^^& trying to do some work and music keeps playing..... is it faulty keyboards or programme?

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    i think is something to do with flash player, it triggers it up some how ,i`m no expert or any thing  but that's what i guess it is happening

    vinfromacton wrote:


    Same problem here nothing !

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    Had the same problem: iTunes starts playing by itself...

    The trick that works for me, till Apple finds a solution:


    Open a blank Playlist

    leave iTunes focus there

    quit iTunes


    It reopens but at least it's silenced....


    Hope it helps


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    When reading the thread, something struck home.  I dont' have much if any non-Apple aps loaded


    About 6 months ago,  I was having similar and major problems with IMAC stopping and restarting randomly and periodically, similar to Itunes descriptions.  I was able to isolate it to the USB hub.  Changed it after months of problems, and never had a problem again.


    When I looked at a thread, most had done what I did with startup items and pram.  But saw several things relating to IPOD cable.  My cable lies here dormant for 4 wks and is the only thing into the hub for now.  I decided to remove it.  Guess what ..............  On pulling cable, itunes started playing.  Very encouraging that I may have found it, or at least getting close


    Thanks again,



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    I agree with/have same problem as vinfromacton.


    I know it's Flash causing the problem:iTunes had been functioning normally until this morning when I downloaded Flashto allow me to listen to archived radio programs on the internet.


    Once I downloaded Flash, iTunes startedopening and playing automatically ~ every 2-3 minutes. Annoying as it playsover audio I am listening to &/or recording.


    Only fix I've found is to turn iTunesvolume down to zero: does not stop iTunes from opening - it continues to do so- but I don't hear the iTunes audio.


    I'm also going to try dr alexander'ssuggestion: Open a blank Playlist > leave iTunes focus there>quit iTunes.

    It reopens but at least it'ssilenced....


    Haven't tried it but I would imagine uninstallingFlash (need to download the uninstaller from the Adobe website) would solve theproblem. This however would lead me back to my original problem: no Flash >cannot listen to audio archived on the internet and other internet audio...


    I'm also going to call Apple: I haveAppleCare. Will re-post after talking to them.

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