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I am running itunes on a Windows 7 computer and the books will not sync with my ipad.

I loaded several free books on the ipad and were reading them in ibooks. 2 days ago when I tried to access ibooks on the ipad it froze. After turning the ipad off and restarting, ibooks was empty. I tried re-syncing with itunes with my home computer, but ibooks was still empty. I then deleted and re-loaded ibooks and then tried to re-sync. ibooks is still empty.

The itunes software on my computer still shows all of the books, they just won't show up on ibooks on the ipad. And yes, the sync option is on in the ibooks tab under Settings.

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    Delete the iBooks app on the iPad. Tap then hold your finger down on the iBooks app. The icons will "jiggle". Tap the X just above the iBooks app icon. Tap delete.

    Now click here to download a new iBooks app. http://www.apple.com/ipad/features/ibooks.html

    Sync the iPad and see if that made a difference.

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    Thank you for the quick reply!

    I have tried to delete and re-load the ibooks software twice. This morning I added a free book and I can see/read it, however it still will not sync with all of the books that I can see via the itunes software loaded on my desktop PC running Windows 7.

    Is there some way of re-setting the itunes software on my PC and forcing it to re-sync?
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    More data:

    I noticed that there are 3 "purchased" lines in the itunes sidebar.

    Purchased on IPAD
    Purchased on IPAD

    The first 2 (Purchased and Purchased on IPAD) have the same list of books that do not appear on my IPAD. The 3rd one has the one free book I added this morning. Why are there 3 lists and how do I get them all to sync?