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I've been using iMovie HD were I can add a music track, and another audio track as well (usually for sound effects, etc.). They show up in two separate tracks. Can you do this in iMovie '08? I see where you can drag audio and it creates that dark green area, but what about dragging more audio (sound effects), how does that show up, and is it even possible. I would hope so...


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    You can drag many audio tracks into iMovie 08. I think the limit is 99 audio plus video tracks, but I have never approached the limit.

    See this [video tutorial for how audio works|http://www.apple.com/findouthow/movies/imovie08.html#audioclips]. It is easier if you drag the multiple audio tracks in and drop them on a frame, as described in the Tutorial as a "Voiceover clip".
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    I wanted to create a sound effect of toy car hitting the wall. I just used the built in microphone and recorded my hand hitting the table. My hits were a bit out of sinc with the movie (the car hits the wall, backs up, then hits again and again. My slapping noises did not match up. I tried to go in and cut up the sounds so I could move them. This did not appear to be possible. I could "trim" it but not cut out individual sounds. Can this be done?

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    To make the sound match up, you can drag it to the left or right.

    To edit the sound, you may want to use GarageBand or a similar audio editing program.

    Also, check out the iLife sound effects. You may find a crash sound that you can use.

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