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File Sharing.Where are my files on the ipad?
Well I'm relatively new to ipad.Bought it on the 24 december.
When I want tranfer files to and from the ipad I connect it to itunes and there I click on Devices(my ipad) and go to Apps.There I should have a list of apps that allow file transfer.That's my first problem:I only have one listed(electribe the groove machine from Korg).I think I should have more.Why aren'nt they all listed?But anyway clicking on the electribe I manage to transfer files to and from the ipad.I can see a list of them(mp3 files,jpeg fotos,pdf files)on the right .And I can see them on my PC(and play them).But I can't see them or "play" them on the ipad.I know they are on the ipad because when I connect the ipad to another computer with itunes I manage to transfer those same files to the PC.Can anyone help me

PC Packard Bell, Windows XP
  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,240 points)
    You open them on the iPad using the app they are show under on the left of iTunes.
    That's my first problem:I only have one listed(electribe the groove machine from Korg).I think I should have more.

    Why do you think you should have more?
    Did you install apps which allow you to use the Files transfer feature in iTunes?
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    Hi Chris
    But as I said the only App listed on the left is "eletribe" from Korg kind of a drum machine and this doesn't open pdf,jpeg or mp3 files.And I know these files are on the on the ipad because i can move them to other computer (using that same part of itunes) but i can't see them on the ipad.As for for your question i assumed that the other apps wich came installed on the ipad would allow file transfer but probably I'm wrong.
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    From your description, the mp3s are just music that syncs to the iPad via iTunes and the jpgs are photos that are sync by different methods, usually a Photo program on the computer like iPhoto on a Mac. The file sharing only works with specific apps and none of the native iPad apps support/use file sharing. An excellent general purpose app the uses files sharing is GoodReader. That app opens most file types and allow arranging files in different folders.