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So I was on Firefox and decided to open Safari. I've had them both running several different times.
However I got this message: "Another device on the network is using your computer's IP address. Try connecting again later. If you continue to have problems, change the IP address of this computer or the IP address of the other device."
Does this mean someone is hacking into my computer? This is a home computer. Does it perhaps relate to any external hard drives I have running? I'm just a bit concerned about it.
Also, just how DO I change the IP address of this computer?
Thank you

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
  • Carolyn Samit Level 10 (103,365 points)

    Try this...

    Open System Preferences / Network. In order to make changes you may have to click the gold padlock icon bottom left corner of the pane. You may be prompted for your admin password.

    Select Airport on the left then click the Advanced tab. Select the TCP/IP tab. Click the pop up menu next to: Configure IPv4 and set to: Using DHCP. Click the Ok button.

    You may need to restart your Mac in order for the changes to take effect.

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    It is happening to me again in the last few days...
    And usually the WIFI is dropping the connection from time to time.
    Any idea what is going on as it seems more then one person has this problem with OSX WIFI!
    http://osxdaily.com/2009/09/01/how-i-fixed-my-dropping-wireless-airport-connecti on-problem-in-snow-leopard/

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    Same thing happened to me. But the message was shorter and did not include information about 'changing my IP address'.
    I got this pop up right after my Safari shut down on its own.
    It said, something like, 'Some one tried to access your IP address'. I can't remember exactly. I was using an internet cafe in Domincan Republic, that has Wi-fi.
    So any extra info for my browsing safety?
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    I just had this problem when I was setting up my new Macbook Air using the migration tool. I opened up Console (under Applications, Utilities) and saw a bunch of errors. I realized they were related to a bunch of the system content that had been copied over from the old machine and I had deleted it. I think I was getting this error because my machine was looking, on the network, like it was two hosts. I am using the Time Capsule router for my addresses. I had also stopped backing up my older machine.

    So I rebooted my new Macbook Air and I think that has solved the problem. Obviously it doesn't solve your problem. But I'd suggest looking into Console because the error messages there might get you to thinking.

    For another idea: I would suggest trying to connect your computer directly to the ethernet connection to your router and see if that works. If it does then the wireless router is the problem.

    Another idea: Do you only have one wireless router? I have two, my ISP router and my Time Capsule. I have it configured to work fine, but there can be conflict if you are using both routers. Not all routers can handle a second one setting up its own subnet.

    Just some ideas.
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    Same thing happens to me.  Been happening for a month or two now, but with no error message indicating that some other device is using my computer's IP address.  I am also already using DHCP per your message.  Is there a way to identify what other device is connecting to my computer?

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    You probably have an iTouch or an iPhone right? If you do, I have found that that can cause this problem, as your iPhone or iTouch will connect randomly every hour for push notifications... etc. Or, if another person in your family has a laptop or anything that can connect to your wifi network, that can also create this message.The best thing to do to solve this problem, if you are alone and don't have an iPhone or something other than your mac (that would be kind of wierd considering you have a mac), I would suggest securing your WiFi network so that those pesky neighbors don't steal YOUR WiFi connection.

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    Any idea how to figure out what device is the one that is conflicting?


    I read another thread and someone said that they used Bonjour to figure out which device was taking which IP address. I don't seem to have a Bonjour app.


    I've taken the step to restrict the range that my router (Airport Extreme) assigns IP addresses to, and manually assigned my iMac to one outside of that range. So why in the world can't I use the Ethernet with a fixed IP address to connect?



    • Airport Extreme Router
    • Cable Modem
    • iMac, ethernet to AE Router
    • Airport Express Router for network extension and AirTunes
    • Two iPhones



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    I just got this message


    Another device on the network is using your computer’s IP address (192.168.xxxxxx)

    I've got disconected of my WIFI conection and then reconected

    it is been happening to me during last 2 weeks

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    Thank you blairfromfort worth! I just realized it was because my Iphone was connecting at the same time! I was so confused to as why the heck this was happening and after I read your comment I looked down and my Iphone was sitting right next to it haha. Thanks again!


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    I just received the same error message. "Another device on the network is using your computer's IP address. Try connecting again later. If you continue to have problems, change the IP address of this computer or the IP address of the other device." on my computer. I had my wireless off all night and when I turned my wireless back on, I received this error message.