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I have an original iphone and cannot charge or sync my phone from a usb cable either to my computer or wall charger. When I attach my phone to my MacBook computer it says "A USB device is currently drawing too much power. The hub it is attached to will be deactivated." Thankfully my phone will charge from a really old docking station. I know it is not either of my cords because they will both charge my ipod touch. I have tried resetting my phone settings, doing a hard reset, cleaning the terminal where the charger connects to. I am out of ideas. Does any one have any advice for me?

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.4.11), also using iphone 2g
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    Sounds like a hardware problem on the phone. If its not the cable (confirmed), not the computer (confirmed), then it could only be the phone. You might try checking that the charging port is free of any dirt or debris. If that doesn't work then you'll probably have to start looking for a new phone.